Part 2: Understanding Call Attribution at the Seller Level

Using call tracking, online directories can provide listing professionals with data to identify interested buyers. This is article part 3 in a five part series.

Part 2: Understanding Call Attribution at the Seller Level

Now that we've learned the basics of call attribution, let's take a deeper look at how our imaginary online directory CarsCarsCars can implement seller-level attribution.

Each listing on CarsCarsCars’ directory includes the dealer’s phone number and a form to request a sales quote.

Seller Level Call Attribution

For each listing, CarsCarsCars provides dealers with online data such as number of views and number of times a quote was requested. Since a lead that calls in can be 10 times more valuable than one that submits a form, providing call tracking services will allow CarsCarsCars to identify high-quality leads being generated by the listings on its website. Using call tracking, CarsCarsCars can provide dealerships with data to identify the buyers their listings resonate with, so dealers can target their listings to these buyers.

Here's how they're able to do this in three steps:

Step 1: Tie a phone number to your listing

CarsCarsCars decides to use Twilio programmable phone numbers to allow car dealerships to replace their direct business line with a local or toll-free phone number on their listings.

Step 2: Choose a local or toll-free number

CarsCarsCars lets each dealership decide the type of number they want through the same interface they use to manage their listings. Some dealerships might want to emphasize a local presence by having local numbers, while others will prefer to display a toll-free number.

Building this functionality into your application is very easy using the Twilio REST API. You can search, buy, and configure phone numbers using a few API calls. See how.

Step 3: Get insight from your calls

Dealerships that list their services on CarsCarsCars start replacing their direct business line with a trackable phone number. Using the new call reporting feature that CarsCarsCars builds into their interface, dealers can now easily see the number of calls generated by their listings as well as metadata like duration, timestamp, call recording, caller ID, and more.

You can add call reporting to your application with the Twilio REST API. See how to pull call logs and recording logs using just a few API calls.

That’s it! Implementing seller-level attribution is as easy as assigning a fixed programmable phone number to each seller. But what if your sellers want more granular reporting on the performance of individual listings? Take a look at listing-level attribution, which will be covered in the next article.

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