Scorpion on the Future of Lead Tracking and Analytics

What’s your cost per lead per source? Are you tracking both online and offline conversions? Tracking, analytics and ROI are critical to any marketing strategy.

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Scorpion on the Future of Lead Tracking and Analytics

Remember what happened in 1996? It may seem like a pretty random year, but aside from the Summer Olympics in Atlanta and the launch of NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor, 1996 was when tracking marketing ROI for digital advertising first became a thing.

If you’re like Grace Miller who has years of expertise in digital advertising and is VP of Product at Scorpion, or if you’re just a history buff like her colleague Chris Jenkins, then you know that 1996 is the year when the first click-tracking product was introduced. This is noteworthy because it was the first time you could deploy a marketing campaign online, see how it performed, and make changes along the way. 1996 is the year that digital marketing changed forever. It ushered us into the paradigm we currently live in: the “cost per” world.

Jump ahead a decade or two to today, and ads are different, products are different, and users are different. What we do online has fundamentally changed. Today, everything is about tracking and real-time analytics. Marketers want to see what’s happening right now and they want to react, make changes, and optimize—immediately. The table stakes of digital advertising today are analytics and optimizing, and at the root of these is trackability. If you lose the trail, you lose the game.

In this SIGNAL talk, Grace and Chris cover:

  • Why tracking offline conversions matters
  • What call tracking is and how it functions
  • How to tie online activities to offline conversions and report in real-time
  • How to evolve your business to communicate with customers in the way that they and the market demand