Track Calls Like You Track Clicks

Analytics tools have made it easy to know which digital channels are driving leads. But how precisely can you track leads generated from calls?

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Track Calls Like You Track Clicks

The first thing you do as a performance marketer every day is to open up your marketing dashboard. You look at your traffic sources, views, keyword performance, click through rates, and conversions to figure out how you can optimize your campaigns. You can tell what worked or what failed to generate ROI for digital channels such direct, organic, paid, email and social. Mobile and web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel have made it easy to track every step along the customer’s digital journey, giving you a pretty good handle on your leads...

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That is, until you hit the biggest and probably the most valuable slice of your pie chart: leads generated from phone calls.

61% of your prospects who call have already made the decision to buy.

So can you track which ad the leads engaged with or website they visited or even drill down to the keyword level to find what they searched for before they found your phone number and called?

It's important to know what really drove your leads to call you. Without this information it can feel as if you’re wearing a blindfold. You know your leads are out there (they’re making calls) but you’re only feeling your way around them.

What if there was a way to lift that blindfold? What if you could track, measure and optimize calls just like clicks? Wouldn’t it be great if your lead source pie chart looked like this instead:

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Having this granularity will arm you with data to uncover how you’re marketing efforts are really performing. For instance, if it costs $100 to generate a call through Google AdWords, and only $10 to generate a call organically, you can allocate a larger portion of your budget to increase organic traffic. Here are 8 ways call tracking can help you increase conversion.

With Twilio, you can build a custom a call tracking solution that allows you to track calls like clicks. Using Twilio APIs for voice and phone numbers you can pinpoint the exact traffic source — campaign, search, social, landing page, content, keyword, or display ad — to track, measure, and optimize performance. By building your own call tracking solution instead of buying out-of-the-box software, you can attribute calls with precision without paying a premium.

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