Track Hospitality on Driving ROI with Call Campaigns

Learn how using Twilio programmable phone numbers can accurately track your online ads and optimize lead conversion.

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Track Hospitality on Driving ROI with Call Campaigns

Being one of the oldest industries in the world doesn’t make you immune to the future. In fact, you know you have a problem when even Google can’t tell you what you want to know. This is a running joke between Patrick Power, Director of Operations at Track Hospitality Software, and his clients, who are mainly independently owned hotels.

Track is on a mission to level the playing field in the hospitality industry for clients like Woodloch Resorts in the Poconos who are trying to compete against the seemingly endless marketing budgets of the Starwoods, Hiltons, and Marriotts of the world. Using Twilio programmable phone numbers, Track is able to help smaller hotels optimize campaigns by allowing them to see where every penny of their marketing dollars is spent.

When you want to be smart about allocating your budget, you need to know where conversions happen. According to Patrick, you have three sources to manage when optimizing ROI. First is your website, which converts anywhere from 0.5-2% in the hospitality industry. Second, you have your re-sellers like Expedia or AirBnB, which convert up to 10 times more. Where the real gold lies in the hospitality industry, however, are calls. One out of three people who pick up the phone make a booking.

In this SIGNAL presentation, Patrick is joined by Pranav Deshpande from Twilio. Together, they demonstrate how Track’s lead management platform combines a simple JavaScript library with an intelligent allocation of Twilio programmable phone numbers to bring clarity and precision to marketing campaigns.

Here are the top three takeaways:

  • Phone calls are an invaluable lead source.
  • With static phone number insertion, you can accurately attribute phone calls to the ad that generated them.
  • Dynamic phone number insertion allows you to go a step further and understand the buyer’s funnel, increase conversion, and measure ROI from your call campaigns.