What Can Online Directories Do with Twilio?

Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications - Part 1: Learn how to demonstrate value, increase conversion and optimize performance with building blocks.

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What Can Online Directories Do with Twilio?

This is the first article in the seven-part series: Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications

The dog-eared yellow pages of yesterday are now online, changing the way customers look for information, choose a service and ultimately make a buying decision. Whether looking for medical or legal advice or a hotel, a home rental or a plumber, over 50 percent of searches for local services now take place on mobile directories. What’s more is that seven out of 10 people report calling the number on the search result directly from their mobile to connect with a business.

This shift to mobile means it’s time to rethink growth and lead generation because the success of online directories hinges on the extent to which they are able retain and attract users. The more services they can source, the more popular they become. This attracts more professionals to list their offerings on your directory. So how do you go about making this happen?

Demonstrate Value

For users, the value of an online directory is clear: a reliable repository of information in the form of ratings and reviews. The promise for professionals is to find more customers but without clear proof, it might be difficult to convince them to pay for a subscription. With call tracking, you’ll be able to show the number of sourced leads and attach a dollar value to your offering as an online directory.

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Convert More Leads

Once you’ve quantified performance by showing business volume, you can up your game by adding alerts, notifications and in-app communications for responsiveness and context. This way, your online directory can become a lead generation gold mine.

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Optimize Performance

Using information from call tracking as well as alerts and notifications, you can capture important insight with add-ons to guide your directory's overall resources and optimize your online performance.

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Now that you have an overview of how adding more communications channels improves your online directory, it’s time to fuel growth.

Because each communication building block brings a clear dollar benefit to professionals, you can monetize the value you create by grouping different functionalities into different subscription packages.

With a basic subscription, you can turn on call tracking to show the volume of calls you bring. If the professional upgrades their subscription, they will can benefit from additional building blocks like notifications, text and video to convert more leads. Using the insight from these conversations on your directory, you can optimize your resources and online performance which will attract more professionals to list their services.

It’s a continuous cycle. The more value you create for professionals, the more customers they attract, enabling growth for your online directory.