IBM’s Willie Tejada and Michael Ludden on the Cognitive Era

Looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into your apps? Learn from the experts at IBM about what’s available now and what’s coming next for AI.

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IBM’s Willie Tejada and Michael Ludden on the Cognitive Era

The future of AI is inching increasingly closer, and IBM’s Watson is leading the charge on how AI can be applied to problems as diverse as medical diagnostics to Jeopardy! It’s official. AI is no longer the technology of the future; it’s here now.

This so-called “Cognitive Era” is booming with new technology, inspiring all kinds of innovation and disruption. But how can businesses and developers take advantage of it? With more data available than ever before, there is an almost overwhelming amount of insights you can glean if you ask the right questions and take the right approach. Using the combined power of technology and data, businesses can harness cognitive computing to address today's business, world, and human challenges.

Willie Tejada is Chief Developer Advocate at IBM who focuses on the variety of cognition powered solutions IBM offers, from Watson to IoT. In this talk at SIGNAL, Willie is joined by Michael Ludden, the Product Manager of Watson Developer and VR/AR Labs, to discuss how developers can integrate cognitive capabilities into their applications.

Short on time? Here are three top takeaways:

  • Cognitive computing will be essential to everything developers build going forward. The combination of this massive quantity of data combined with the level of technology that’s available today is creating a large business opportunity in cognitive applications—estimated to reach $2 trillion across industries such as healthcare, financial services, and industrial products.
  • With 230 billion social media posts per day worldwide, cognitive systems will increasingly be needed to manage and analyze the data that is being produced. You’ll need to design your cognitive architecture strategically to take advantage of new and evolving data sources.
  • Developers can now build and infuse cognitive capabilities from IBM’s Watson into their applications. Michael and Willie share examples and how-to guides with developer-facing sample code using Watson APIs. Here is a quick guide to getting started building an SMS app using Twilio and the Watson APIs.