Reach Customers Fast With SMS

Your customers use text messages with their friends and family. They expect you to do the same. So, why aren’t you texting them yet?

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Reach Customers Fast With SMS

Communications is crucial to customer retention. If you’re not connecting with your customers, how do you expect them to do business with you? How you choose to communicate with your customers can determine how effective your communications strategy is.

When you're evaluating your communication options, consider this: 90 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes of their delivery.

Customers respond to text messages. And this behavior can be very powerful. For example, consider PayByPhone, an app which sends text messages to millions of customers a few minutes before their parking meters expire. It deflects approximately 24 million potential parking tickets annually, saving millions of dollars for a very happy customer base.

Text messaging is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with customers today. While account notifications through text messages sound straightforward enough, the infrastructure can get complicated real fast. You see…

Timeliness is crucial for account notifications. Unless you can connect with your customers seamlessly, any attempt to attract, engage, and retain them to your product or service will frustrate them. They will either abandon your business for a competitor, or simply find better solutions to the problem you’re helping them solve.

Know the Customer Before They Reach Customer Support

When you send account notifications through text messages, people actually read them. That means you can reach them in real-time. For example, you can let customers know that a service will be provided in an hour, or that you need a certain piece of information from them before moving forward. This responsiveness is helpful to set your customer support team up for success.

When interacting with text messages or a mobile app, customers leave a trail of information that can be assembled to create a specific user context including preferences, location, and previous purchases. Without this interaction, the problem is that your business has no idea what users are calling about when they reach out for support. The workflow generated in the mobile app is destroyed and contextual information about the user is lost.

In contrast, with text messages and apps, your customer support team can figure out exactly what went wrong and why a customer is calling—and not bug them for information they’ve probably already provided.

In app comms flow

Final Thoughts

The numbers don’t lie. Your customers respond to text messages. Communicating with them through text messages will bolster engagement and retention, and reduce churn. It will also help reduce the workload of your customer service team, and increase customer satisfaction.

Here are some stories of how businesses use text messages to send account notifications:

Large and small businesses, from all industries, have implemented text messages into their communications to make the most of this opportunity. So, what are you waiting for?