Foursquare on Building Location Insights into Your Apps

Learn how to build location-based experiences, promotions, recommendations, and messaging into your applications with the Foursquare location insights API.

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Foursquare on Building Location Insights into Your Apps

Jeff Reine, Head of Platform Partnerships & Business Development at Foursquare, has a burning question: Who are you? As digital marketers and app builders, we naturally want to know as much about our users as possible. We look at a variety of sources to try to glean that information about them, from their Instagram posts to their Pinterest boards. But for Foursquare, a technology company that uses location intelligence to build meaningful consumer experiences and business solutions, who you are is where you go.

As Jeff explains in this session from SIGNAL, when you want to understand your users, who are real people out and about in the real world, it’s helpful to understand where they go. Because when you understand your people, you can serve them better. Foursquare has been collecting data about where people go for the past nine years, through their consumer apps Foursquare City Guide and Swarm. With 11 billion check-ins at 93 million places around the world—and counting—Foursquare’s place database also powers its developer API.

In this talk with Director of Consumer Products Marisa Chocko, you’ll hear how to tailor app interactions with users based on Foursquare’s location insights so you can provide more relevant and usable promotions, communication options, and experiences:

Short on time? Here are Foursquare's key takeaways:

  • Build location intelligence into your application to enable location-specific messaging. Whether that means sending a push notification at the appropriate time (and place) or sending a recommendation based on similar locations someone has visited recently, when you know where your users are you can communicate more effectively with them.
  • Today, there are 140,000 developers using the Foursquare API—powered by its place database with more than 93 million locations—at Companies like Apple, Airbnbn, Snapcshat, and Twitter use Foursquare technology to power their location insights.
  • Pilgrim SDK is Foursquare’s newest offering—a place awareness technology that runs in the background of apps. Pilgrim SDK is based on a stop-detection model, so you know when your users have truly stopped to visit a location, not just paused at a red light or to tie their shoe, for example.
  • Marsbot is a location-aware bot designed by Foursquare to help users discover great places in their city via text message—an example of what you can build with Foursquare and Twilio. Marsbot uses contextual awareness gathered from the Pilgrim SDK to send personal, place-based recommendations via friendly text messages powered by the Twilio SMS API.
  • By implementing filtering logic such as user timing, frequency, and history, you can send personalized messages that reflect a user’s preferences and priorities. When communicating via text message, be sure to keep your texts friendly and human—like you’re chatting with a friend.