Rinse’s Ajay Prakash on Communicating With Busy Customers by SMS

Learn how Rinse, a dry cleaning and laundry delivery service, creates its seamless customer experience by sending more than 15,000 text messages per day.

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Rinse’s Ajay Prakash on Communicating With Busy Customers by SMS

Dry cleaning can be the bane of many professionals’ existence. It’s something working professionals have to do regularly, but with limited hours, availability, and options, dry cleaning becomes a source of stress rather than a simple chore.

Rinse set out to change that. They wanted to provide a simple, streamlined service that allows customers to have their dry cleaning and laundry picked up and delivered to their home. With this simple solution, Rinse has built up a loyal following in major cities across the US.

For Rinse, the key to creating an easy and seamless customer experience is communications. And for their communications, Rinse relies on Twilio to provide secure, timely, and reliable two-way text and voice channels for customers to connect with delivery service providers.

In this video, Co-Founder and CEO of Rinse Ajay Prakash explains how Rinse created an entirely new model for dry cleaning services using the Twilio platform to power a superior multi-channel communication experience for customers and service providers.