Advantages of an Agile Contact Center

Cloud-based agile contact centers offer five key advantages. Find out what they are and how to make agile work for you.

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Advantages of an Agile Contact Center

Much of the call center technology in use today can’t keep pace with changes in the way customers and businesses communicate. An agile contact center is a more flexible alternative to traditional approaches. Find out specific advantages an agile contact center offers and how the agile approach can work for your business.

Five Advantages of the Agile Approach

Thanks to the power of software and the cloud, the agile approach delivers some major advantages:

  1. Scale – you can expand usage needs on-demand, without headaches, time, or expense.
  2. Global reach – you don't need to negotiate with carriers in every country in which you do business. Cloud platforms allow you to buy a phone number in that country and deploy immediately.
  3. Improved reliability – by aggregating the requirements of tens of thousands of customers, cloud platforms offer greater reliability than what most can afford to implement independently.
  4. Elasticity – you can scale up and scale back down just as easily, responding to changing needs without penalty. Use what you need, when you need it.
  5. Cost control – by moving communications out of hardware into the realm of cloud-based software, you can convert capex to opex. Without compromising quality, you can prototype, build, deploy, and rapidly iterate, all in a loop that improves with each cycle.

How to Take Advantage of the Agile Approach

The agile approach unlocks the ability to experiment and learn as you go. It enables you to develop iteratively, and ship small changes frequently. In the classic contact center model, you have inflexible and proprietary platforms. You’re unable to address disruptive changes in consumer behavior. But with the agile contact center approach you use simple APIs to rapidly integrate with new platforms and channels of communication, and to change the way communications are used by your agents and consumers.

Companies are taking advantage of this agile approach in a variety of ways. You can build net new applications to solve your communications needs. You can simply augment your existing solution with an application to extend the life and value of your existing investments. And you can take a migratory path. If you are running an existing solution, this approach allows you to migrate your current infrastructure one case or application at a time, without disrupting your existing business.

The cloud-based website developer Wix was growing fast and wanted to build a custom contact center that would scale with this growth and enable agents to offer superior customer service. Learn more about how an agile contact center approach helped Wix, a cloud-based web development platoform achieve these goals.

Power of Cloud Communications

Forward-thinking companies that want to deliver excellent customer experiences in a cost-effective way require an agile contact center platform. They need to be able to rapidly build and deploy powerful, flexible communications solutions.

By unlocking access to the latest in communications technology, the agile contact center does for telecom what Amazon Web Services has done for computer power and storage; what NetSuite has done for enterprise resource planning; and what Salesforce has done for customer relationship management. In short, the agile contact center provides quick and easy access to the tools and services businesses need to communicate in the modern, web-based world.