Salesforce’s Andy Kung on the Power of CRM and CTI Integrations

Connect with customers and prospects more effectively through Salesforce’s Lightning Dialer, powered by Twilio.

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Salesforce’s Andy Kung on the Power of CRM and CTI Integrations

What happens when you combine the world’s most popular CRM solution with the power of Twilio APIs? Something electric called Lightning Dialer. Andy Kung, Director of Product Management for Sales Cloud at Salesforce, was at SIGNAL to talk about this new VoIP product in Salesforce.

Andy leads the product roadmap and strategy for Lightning Dialer, so he’s obsessed with making sales easier for account reps and inside sales teams. He understands their needs: getting prospects on the phone, making conversations engaging, managing multiple channels, making sense of data, and taking the right next steps at the right time. Reaching out to customers and prospects needs to be as simple as a click in their existing CRM system.

With Lightning Dialer, one click calls a customer and opens their entire contextual record. Reps can take notes seamlessly, automatically log calls, drop pre-recorded voicemails, power through call lists, and more. And it’s all built on top of Twilio APIs. Meanwhile, Einstein—Salesforce’s AI product—analyzes that data to provide useful insights to supercharge sales productivity.

Watch the video to see Andy give a live demo of Lightning Dialer and to learn about all of the benefits it offers to sales teams. Pressed for time? Here are five key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • Capturing activities in a CRM is still a highly manual process. Sales reps spend only 26% of their time driving sales forward and the rest of their time on administrative tasks such as manual data entry and scheduling meetings.
  • Salesforce built Lightning Dialer on top of Twilio to help sales reps multitask more efficiently and increase productivity with a native integrated calling experience within Salesforce.
  • Lightning Dialer captures and combines all call data and can leverage additional Salesforce Einstein intelligence to provide insights into your business and customers.
  • Lighting Dialer allows sales reps to make and receive phone calls within Salesforce, leave pre-recorded voicemails, use local phone numbers, create reports, and more.
  • Other partners offer additional features on the AppExchange ecosystem in the Salesforce platform, many of which are also built on top of Twilio.