Weight Watchers' Nicolas Chikhani on Intelligent Omnichannel Routing

Juggling a few call center channels? Hear why Weight Watchers chose TaskRouter to ensure a million members can connect to the right coach on the right channel.

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Weight Watchers' Nicolas Chikhani on Intelligent Omnichannel Routing

If you’ve heard of Weight Watchers, chances are you know them as a weight loss company. But did you ever think of Weight Watchers as a software company? Nicolas Chikhani, Senior Product Director at Weight Watchers, joined us at SIGNAL to talk about some innovative ways the company is using Twilio to provide much more than weight loss.

Over the years, Weight Watchers has evolved into a program to help people change behaviors, ultimately creating a healthier lifestyle. Their most passionate advocates, who have changed their lives through the program, now make up an army of coaches dedicated to helping others succeed through personal support.

These coaches understand the advice, inspiration, or guidance their members might need, and are available to help around the clock. Weight Watchers offers 24/7 chat with coaches through their app. It was important to them to ensure each message reaches the right coach, which is why they chose Twilio TaskRouter for the job.

When Weight Watchers designed their 24/7 chat support, they knew they didn’t want to build the API themselves, but also knew that a traditional call center wouldn’t provide the agility they needed. That’s what brought Nicolas to Twilio. TaskRouter is a multi-channel routing API that automatically routes any type of interaction—voice, video, SMS, email, chat—to the right worker at the right time for the right response.

Watch the video to hear how Weight Watchers is using TaskRouter, and if you’re short on time, here are five key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • Weight Watchers has a unique workforce, comprised of a combination of full-time contact center employees and part-time coaches who work remotely.
  • The company offers on-the-spot advice, support, and motivation through the 24/7 chat feature in their app, as well as one-on-one phone coaching.
  • They receive both calls and chats from members, and needed a way to route each interaction to the right worker at the right time.
  • TaskRouter provided the best omni-channel API for Weight Watchers to ensure their calls and chats reach the right coach. Weight Watchers specifies in the workflow how they want incoming interactions routed, and TaskRouter takes care of the rest.
  • Choosing Twilio also opened up other opportunities for Weight Watchers beyond TaskRouter. They use TwiML, Programmable Voice, and other building blocks to ship new software on a regular basis. The network of external partners and vendors integrated with Twilio that they’ve been able to work and collaborate with has been invaluable.

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