Financial Services Guide to Messaging

Learn how banks, advisory firms, insurance companies, and other financial services organizations are using messaging to inform, engage, and alert customers in ways they prefer. Read this e-book.

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Financial Services Guide to Messaging

Financial services companies have learned that connecting with customers on the mobile devices they use every day is not only convenient and easy, it’s also what customers have come to expect. From managing an online checking account to communicating with a mortgage advisor, today’s mobile customers are used to receiving texts and other messages from the financial services companies with whom they do business.

They also expect to be able to interact with businesses in the manner they prefer: from SMS, in-app chats, push notifications via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, to other over-the-top (OTT) messaging applications. Financial organizations must step up their communications to be able to connect with their digital customers more efficiently and on-demand.

To do so, financial organizations are using cloud communication APIs to embed messaging into their existing software or mobile apps. By successfully engaging with, and delighting, their users, proactive relationships are built which support customer retention efforts over time.

Read this e-book to discover:

Why mobile communications are the key to successful customer engagement.

Five ways financial organizations integrate messaging into their mobile applications.

How to transform financial communications with APIs.

A guide to popular messaging options available today.

Short on time? Here are the key takeaways.

  • Outside of regulatory compliance, customer retention is the biggest challenge facing financial services firms. Messaging provides an intimate way for companies to engage customers over the long haul.
  • For financial communications, it’s critical to find an extensive global network platform that automatically optimizes messaging traffic routes to ensure quality performance and delivery, every time.
  • Cloud communication APIs make it easy for banks such as Maps Credit Union to offer customers instant, text-based access to their balance, account history, and more.
  • To protect high-value transactions, financial organizations like TransferWise offer two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of account access protection.
  • Innovative financial organizations, like Simply Business, leverage customer data and other contextual interaction data within their apps to fuel more personalized customer interactions.
  • To meet industry and regulatory compliance requirements, ING turned to Twilio’s cloud communications platform to transform their next-generation contact center.