Hello SMS: Netflix Goes Global

Communicating with members in a way that keeps them coming back is the Netflix messaging team’s holy grail. Twilio’s easy mobile messaging APIs put that grail within grasp.

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Hello SMS: Netflix Goes Global

Devika Chawla, Director of Messaging Engineering at Netflix, sees mobile messaging as a way to keep members happy: “The role of messaging [at Netflix] is to reach out to our members at the right moment, to get them engaged, and make sure they're delighted with the service. That’s been our holy grail for the last several years.”

In this video from Twilio’s 2016 SIGNAL conference, Devika and George Abraham, an engineer on her team, show how they used Twilio to integrate SMS into their messaging ecosystem. The streaming service’s communications platform successfully kept members informed and engaged through emails and push notifications that were sent in response to billing issues, plan changes, new content releases, and other events.

Even so, long before Netflix tripled the number of countries it served in early 2016, Devika’s team knew a one-size-fits-all approach would not work in locations where channels such as email were less effective. And even in existing markets, members wanted to communicate via SMS. Twilio’s SMS APIs made it possible.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Here are Devika and George’s top takeaways:

  • Twilio’s voice and SMS capabilities plugged directly into Netflix’s existing messaging ecosystem, eliminating the need to write and implement code on a per-country basis
  • Netflix was able to offer SMS verification as a new option for one of its most common use cases, password resetting, to members around the globe
  • With the insights provided by Twilio’s callback API, Netflix could address delivery problems and close communication loops even during network outages

With Twilio, Netflix can continually innovate on and improve how it communicates with members. It can respond to members’ changing habits and preferences, developing new solutions on a large scale without having to rebuild existing ecosystems.

What are your messaging goals, and how can Twilio help you pursue them?