How to Use SMS and Messaging APIs

Learn how to integrate messaging, such as SMS, in-app chat, and push notifications, into your business communications. APIs from Twilio make it simple.

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How to Use SMS and Messaging APIs

Ask any Twilion how they describe Twilio to friends and family and they will likely give the classic example of the text message you receive when your rideshare service is waiting outside. That text message seems pretty simple, you might be thinking, so what’s the big deal? The text wasn’t sent by a human—it was a programmable message, powered by Twilio. Marinate on that for a minute.

In this SIGNAL session, Vice President of Product Marketing Manav Khurana shares how you can use Twilio Messaging APIs to integrate messaging into your business communications in a variety of ways. Whether you want to send a basic SMS, incorporate in-app chat, share push notifications, or communicate through social messaging apps, messaging has you covered.

With APIs, your developers can grab the tools they need to give your web and mobile apps the power to exchange messages of any variety, all with minimal development effort. But before you dive in, you need to decide what type of messaging you want to do. Is it one-way or two-way communication (i.e. will you need to respond?)? Will it be a bulk or transactional message—are you communicating with one specific person at a time or many people at once? The type of technology you use will be determined by these answers, so give this some thought.

Your next challenge is to decide which messaging channels you want to use: SMS, in-app chat, push notifications, social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, or all of the above? In this talk, Manav outlines the benefits and common use cases for each channel.

With demo assistance from Purva Adke and Peter Tan, watch and learn how to architect your messaging applications directly from the Twilio Console:

Key Takeaways:

  • See a step-by-step walkthrough of a text marketing example that shows how to send a time-sensitive message, segment your messages, use different messaging channels, handle replies, and extract intelligence.
  • Use Programmable SMS to send and receive text messages from any programming language and any web or mobile application.
  • Twilio Copilot dynamically sends messages from a group of numbers in order to accommodate high volumes and solve delivery issues.
  • Twilio Notify is a declarative, user-centric API that makes it easy to notify your users on the channel where they want to be reached.
  • Programmable Chat and SMS allow you to handle replies and create an agent/customer chat experience.
  • Twilio partnerships like IBM Watson integrate with Messaging APIs and are available in the Marketplace as Add-ons. For example, you can use IBM Watson for natural language processing, message sentiment analysis, and to translate foreign languages into English.

We can’t wait to see what you build with Twilio Messaging!