How Iterable, Crowdskout, and Curology Increase Engagement With SMS

Learn about Iterable’s powerful SMS engagement tool, run by Twilio on the backend. Read how Crowdskout and Curology utilize SMS to target custom audiences with personalized messaging for maximum engagement.

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How Iterable, Crowdskout, and Curology Increase Engagement With SMS

Guest article from Twilio partner, growth marketing platform Iterable

With all the ways businesses have to reach customers today, SMS is often the customer’s preferred channel. Also known as Short Message Service and text messaging, SMS surpassed phone calls back in 2007, and usage continues to rise worldwide. People text with their friends and family and increasingly, with businesses, multiple times a day. In fact, 15 million texts are sent every single minute.

All mobile devices include a default SMS function—pre-installed as a permanent fixture. This ubiquity, along with the simplicity and ease of SMS, has led to a strong consumer preference for texting. SMS also enjoys unrivaled open rates: 96% of messages are read within three minutes of receipt, and 90% within three seconds. With stats like these, it’s clear that SMS is now one of the most powerful ways to facilitate conversations with consumers—which is why Iterable has partnered with Twilio to offer a best-in-class SMS experience.

Growth Marketing and Going Mobile with Iterable

In-house marketers who want to run complex outreach campaigns—like those involving cross-channel messaging—frequently have to rely on engineers to build the systems that make their campaigns possible. Those systems then often end up being designed for engineers rather than marketers, who would rather focus on creative storytelling than custom SQL queries.

Iterable provides a marketer-friendly alternative in an all-in-one platform. With it, marketers can quickly and intuitively build customer segments, create messaging workflows, automate touch points, and test strategies at scale—all without engineering support.

The Iterable platform allows marketers to automate personalized, cross-channel campaigns across email, SMS, mobile push, web push, direct mail, and more. Within the Iterable platform, marketers can see what customers are doing—whether they’re opening emails, looking at the company’s mobile site, interacting with the app, or responding to a text—and then respond using the customer’s preferred form of communication. We give marketers the power to target customers wherever they are, with the right message, on the right device, at the right time.

Iterable provides outreach to over 1 billion contacts on behalf of several hundred customers. Our platform wasn’t always focused on mobile marketing or cross-channel engagement, however; we started as an email-only service. That’s what brought us to Twilio. By leaning on mobile industry leaders to enhance our platform, we can focus on creating a world-class customer experience instead of building and maintaining communication infrastructure. As the industry leader for SMS, Twilio offers the scalability, speed, reliability, and brand trust our customers rely on.

Iterable + Crowdskout: SMS for Non-Profits

Our customers depend on SMS as a personal and intimate form of mobile engagement with their users. The high level of engagement of SMS is especially important for non-profit organizations that must execute grassroots advocacy, garner support for political campaigns, and fundraise for specific causes.

For our customers in politics, education, and other non-profit industries, we’ve partnered with Crowdskout—a CRM and data analytics platform that powers advocacy initiatives, magnifies community outreach, and mobilizes voters. Crowdskout brings data under one roof, allowing organizations of all sizes to search, segment, visualize, and analyze their data before taking smarter action.

Iterable and Crowdskout work together to help government and non-profit organizations track the ongoing interactions their audience has with their SMS marketing campaigns. Organizations can discover precisely when someone has opened a text message, clicked on a link within the message, taken action on any page, or sent a reply. They no longer have to guess which SMS message results in the most donations or the highest engagement on their site because outreach and results live in one place.

For example, one large political organization we work with uses SMS to connect with their constituents in a more intimate way. Instead of sending a message from the larger government agency, messages arrive from the specific local representative in the recipient’s district. With Twilio providing the SMS backend, we’re able to offer a variety of senders, which allows for more personalized communication. Using SMS to engage directly with their local representative gives constituents a more personal reason to donate to the larger political organization.


Creating and sending SMS messages, like this donation request, is easy with Iterable’s growth marketing platform, powered by Twilio.

Iterable + Curology: SMS Supporting the Customer Journey

Companies today are using SMS to engage with consumers in a variety of ways. One of our clients, Curology, provides highly customized prescription skincare, and needed to find a way to incentivize their teenage customers to apply their acne medication. SMS provided them with a creative and effective way forward.

Anyone who knows teenagers knows it can be challenging to get them to remember routine tasks, such as applying medication every night. Sending a daily email reminder fell short as a solution, which led the Curology team to add SMS messaging to their campaigns. Now, thanks to Iterable’s flexible data model, Curology sends members a daily SMS reminder to apply their acne treatment.

Those who comply are rewarded with a funny gif, encouraging patients to stick with their prescribed treatment regimen. Those who skip treatment are segmented and sent a targeted SMS, reminding them to respond with a photo update and explaining why it matters. Most importantly, members can respond directly to the text with a selfie—dramatically reducing the friction in patient-to-provider response rates.

Curology can create custom events for any customer data point, including whether members have uploaded a recent photo of their skin’s progress. Using Iterable’s visual drag-and-drop Workflow Studio, Curology can also identify which members aren’t engaging via SMS, and reach these individuals with targeted email follow-ups, tracking email and site metrics to ensure that they’re achieving relevance across all marketing channels.

By sending highly relevant SMS messages through Iterable, Curology has improved customer engagement by 26 percent, increased its treatment plan compliance by 14 percent, and increased revenue by 10 percent. You can learn more in our in-depth case study.

CurologyLiveWorkflowCurology engages teenage customers with fun puppy gifs in their 21-day SMS challenge, built using Iterable’s Workflow Studio.

Mobile Marketing for the Masses

By utilizing Twilio to power the backend of our customers’ SMS campaigns, Iterable provides our user base with a powerful engagement tool. Our customers are able to maximize the work they’re doing in Iterable to target custom audiences based on datasets from across their entire suite of tools and thousands of different data points.

Our partnership makes it easier for businesses and organizations to create personalized messaging for maximum audience engagement. Request a customized demo to learn more!