E-Book: Your Guide to Customer Messaging

Improving customer engagement requires integrating messaging into ongoing conversations. Download this roadmap to effectively engage during each intersect of your customer’s journey, from SMS to Facebook Messenger to web chat.

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E-Book: Your Guide to Customer Messaging

Messaging has emerged as a convenient and necessary two-way customer communication channel. In a recent Nielsen study, 53% of consumers surveyed are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly, and 56% would rather message a business than phone customer service. Without a doubt, business messaging is an essential part of the customer journey.

To keep pace with these ever-evolving channel technologies, modern companies have learned that to deploy business messaging solutions at scale they need to adopt cloud technologies. With the right global communications network fueling their efforts, they can quickly and easily equip employees with the digital channels needed to build strong, lasting customer relationships.

This e-book provides a roadmap to developing optimal customer experiences. Specifically, it showcases:

  • Why Messaging Is Integral To Your Customer Engagement Strategy
  • How Messaging Can Increase Engagement
  • How Business Messaging Enables Better Conversations
  • Business Messaging Customer Spotlight
  • What To Look For In A Cloud-Based Messaging Provider
  • How Twilio Can Help You Improve Important Customer Connections
  • Back of Book Bonus: Business Messaging Terms

Short on time? Here are the key takeaways:

  • The immediacy, convenience, and personal nature of business messaging gives organizations the perfect opportunity to connect with customers around the world on the devices they use every day.
  • With the right business messaging partner, you can gather interaction analytics from each customer touch point – and each message – to have great conversations, every time.
  • It’s inherently easier and faster to launch omnichannel digital communication solutions via the cloud than to do so with on-premise technologies.
  • To keep pace with always evolving channel technologies, the cloud is the way to go. By leveraging pre-built APIs, business messaging apps can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively.