How to Automate Mass SMS, Push, and Chat Notifications

When you’re building a mass notification system, it’s good to have options. Reach users on their preferred device and channel with an API like Twilio Notify.

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How to Automate Mass SMS, Push, and Chat Notifications

Your customers are all over the place. They’re texting with SMS, they’re using messaging apps like Facebook messenger, they’re sending emails, they’re talking on the phone, and they’re doing it on multiple devices. They also use both iOS and Android devices, and depending on your business, they could be located all over the world. In short, your customers are everywhere, and they expect your business to reach them there.

When you’re building a mass notification system, it’s good to have options. When you contact customers on their preferred device and channel, you have a much better chance of actually reaching them. Every single one of your customers has a specific preference for how they like to hear from you, whether that be SMS, push, or messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. So how can you please them all?

Customer Story: Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons is an enterprise mobile messaging platform that companies use to build interactive mobile marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be customized to reach users via text, pictures, voice, and video, and are so simple they can be set up in minutes. Mobile Commons also provides complete analytics for measuring response rates, lead generation, and the overall effectiveness of mobile campaigns. It’s personalized messaging at its best, and it’s powered by Twilio.

Mobile Commons turned to Twilio to achieve the scale needed to support their large call and messaging volumes, frequently going from zero to thousands of calls or texts in minutes. Twilio Notify provided the perfect solution to send unlimited notifications across multiple channels with one API request.

How it Works

In order to power outreach and promotions reaching hundreds of thousands of participants, Mobile Commons constantly has to scale communications quickly and easily. They didn't want to invest time and energy in the telecom details required to build the infrastructure to support their call volume. That’s where an API like Twilio comes in handy, since the details are all taken care of in the code.

Automate Mass SMS, Push, and Chat Notifications with APIs

Twilio’s global carrier reach provides reliable SMS notifications anywhere in the world. SMS is delivered through local phone numbers, short codes, and sender IDs in over 150 countries. Different platforms? No problem. Notify sends push notifications to iOS and Android devices and web browsers through one unified API. It also integrates with Facebook Messenger, which is rapidly growing in popularity as a primary communication channel. Got multiple devices? Also no problem. Simply tag the preferred device for each user so you can notify everyone according to their preferences.

Get Started Notifying

Whether you’re sending notifications to customers on a massive scale like Mobile Commons, or just beginning outreach to a growing customer base, getting started is easy. To find out more about setting up your lists, selecting your preferred channel, segmenting your users, grouping users by device, and more tricks and tools at your disposal, visit Twilio Notify. And for step-by-step instructions, check out our quickstart guides.