Why You Shouldn't Settle for Low-Quality Bulk SMS

Build your own bulk SMS platform to send highly-targeted and segmented messages that ensure your marketing campaigns connect with your customers.

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Why You Shouldn't Settle for Low-Quality Bulk SMS

Think about how many messages and notifications your business receives in a single day. It’s a lot to handle, right? Now, imagine having to deal with tens of thousands (or even millions) of text messages as part of a critical product launch campaign. There are plenty of bulk SMS providers to choose from, but they don’t all offer the same service.

You want a platform that can handle high volume, switch seamlessly between SMS and voice, and allow you to deploy in the shortest time possible. The last thing you want is to increase your workload due to low-quality inbound text messages or to lose potential customers because of poorly-targeted, off-message, or off-brand SMS replies.

Customer Story: Sony Music

When Sony Music needed to generate mass awareness for one of America’s biggest metal bands, they leaned on Twilio to build a bulk SMS marketing campaign. The world’s second largest record company wanted a fresh new marketing approach to drum up buzz and excitement for heavy metal band Lamb of God’s new album Wrath, but didn’t want to invest in a marketing infrastructure that would sit idle between album launches—which tended to happen only every couple of years.

Bulk SMS Mass Text Message Notification System

Lamb of God and their management team built a viral phone and SMS marketing campaign called LOGJAM, using Twilio’s bulk voice and SMS notifications solutions to create a voice-based auto-responder platform. When fans sent SMS messages to “LOGJAM,” the system would automatically call them back with a fun message followed by a clip of one of Lamb of God’s new songs. The best part: what would normally have taken months to deploy only required about a week!

Built for Success

The key to success here wasn’t just a reliable bulk SMS platform that could process potentially millions of SMS notifications. Sony Music needed a system that could deliver voice calls with targeted and relevant messages that would resonate with their audience. Other software-based bulk SMS providers might be able to handle a limited number of messages, others might be able respond with voice messages.

Sony Music and Lamb of God realized they were better off building their own system. They were able to build a custom, scalable and reliable bulk SMS system in a fraction of the time that it would normally take with other solutions. And, by doing it at a lower cost, their high-quality bulk SMS platform choice was clear.


Oh, and in case you were wondering: The LOGJAM campaign helped rocket Wrath to the #2 spot on Billboard charts. #boom

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