Increase Customer Loyalty with Bill Reminders

Companies build trust using SMS, voice, and apps when critical actions are needed, such as low balance alerts, bill reminders, or suspicious activity warnings.

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Increase Customer Loyalty with Bill Reminders

Can reminding your customers that they owe money really build loyalty?

The short answer is “absolutely.” People like it when their lives are made easier. While no one really wants to be reminded that they owe money, more companies are catching on to the fact that what matters most to consumers these days is trust and convenience, even when it comes to paying bills. Unlike unwanted marketing messages, bill reminders are the result of specific opted-in actions taken by the consumer, and are a hugely important touchpoint between companies and consumers.

Quick notifications make long-lasting impact. Companies who can deliver on the promise of speed and convenience use automated text, voice, and app notifications to alert customers when important actions are required, such as password resets, low balance alerts, bill reminders, or suspicious activity warnings. And then they handle customer responses using two-way SMS or IVR.

Building a better customer experience

For companies and consumers, SMS messaging and voice alerts deliver a better, more actionable notification experience. Text messages get important information to customers when they need to know it, so they can act accordingly. According to a recent survey, nearly half of U.S. households use mobile apps for making payments, with 34% reporting a positive effect on their satisfaction. 75% of respondents said that real-time payment delivery increased their satisfaction significantly.

Building better customer experiences means delivering services that fit how people want to live their lives. Even the most mundane of tasks—such as feeding a parking meter—can be managed via SMS on a mobile app. PayByPhone is a mobile payments service that processes parking transactions for customers on the go. They use Twilio Programmable SMS to send one-way notifications to motorists five minutes before their parking time expires. Customers then add time directly via the app without having to physically return to their vehicle. PayByPhone made the payment experience safe, easy, and convenient, building customer loyalty and attracting new customers. They now send more than two million SMS messages a month, with some 24 million payments processed annually.

Messaging to fit how your customers live

While some organizations see bill reminders as one of the burdens of doing business, more companies view notifications and alerts as core to a positive customer experience. For companies like PaybyPhone, a big benefit of adding bill reminders using the Twilio SMS API to their existing software is the ability to create custom notifications based on pre-defined events. This allows them to build an experience that fits how their customers live their lives.