How SMS Order Notifications Can Anchor your Digital Strategy

Programmable SMS makes it easy to deliver immediate, high value order notifications, alerts, reminders, and status updates to your customers by text message.

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How SMS Order Notifications Can Anchor your Digital Strategy

These days, when consumers place an order online, they expect immediate confirmation that they’re good to go. When you want to communicate with your customers immediately, nothing beats SMS notifications.

Why SMS Order Notifications?

How well you keep your customers informed has an enormous impact on their perception of your company. Recent data shows that 77% of consumers have a positive perception of companies who use texts to keep them in the know. Companies known for their high touch customer interactions, such as DoorDash and eBay, know that crafting and delivering transactional messages geared to their customers’ lives and preferences is a key driver in attracting, retaining, and converting customers.

Luckily, it’s easy to integrate SMS notifications into your existing systems and software with an API like Twilio. SMS is the most widely read type of notification. Notifications sent via text get more attention more quickly than email or other mediums, with some 98% of messages read within three minutes. This level of engagement means that you’ve created an immediate connection with your buyer, and represents an important touchpoint in their customer journey.

Informed Customers are Happy Customers

Businesses that automate customer communications by integrating programmable SMS notifications directly into their CRM are well on their way to delivering a first-rate customer experience. And first-rate customer experiences build trust and loyalty—critical building blocks in any successful digital strategy.

Using SMS to send alerts such as delivery times, shipping status, appointment reminders, and more lets your customers know when important actions are happening. Use SMS notifications to confirm an order has been received, let buyers know when it’s shipped, and notify them when it’s waiting at their door. Follow up with a coupon or special offer afterward, to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

Companies who integrate voice and callback functionality into their SMS platform also see better outcomes on customer purchase decisions. Giving customers the opportunity to respond via call-back and IVR, or request to be called by customer service, opens the door to direct communications about what’s important to them.

Reach Your Customers While They’re Still in Buy Mode

Immediate order notifications reached out to your customer within moments of their order placement, you’ve reached them while they’re still in buy mode and receptive to upselling and retargeting. Try offering a coupon for their next order or a referral discount code if they share with friends. Get creative with your SMS messages and watch the positive impact it has on sales!

Short of face-to-face, programmable SMS is the fastest, most reliable way to connect with customers in real-time, delivering high value, high impact information, and generating the highest levels of engagement than any other channel. Whether an order notification, delivery alert, or payment confirmation, SMS notifications deliver immense value to consumers and dividends for businesses.

Company Stories: Examples of SMS Order Confirmations

DoorDash, the wildly successful restaurant-to-table food delivery service, uses SMS to take an order, notify the customer that their dinner prep is in progress, and keep them in the loop about their delivery. They’ve carved out a top spot in the crowded food delivery space by engineering a logistics and operations system which uses Twilio SMS and voice technologies to streamline communications between dispatch, drivers and diners, delivering an important level of trust.

DoorDash Order Tracking

Other companies, such as eBay's StubHub, use SMS lead alerts and order confirmations to streamline transactions between ticket buyers and sellers. Through SMS notifications, sellers are informed of pending sales and new opportunities, and buyers stay informed of their order status or pricing changes.

Build SMS Order Notifications Into Your Existing CRM

Building SMS notifications with an API lets you customize the notifications to work exactly how and when you want them to, sending order notifications programmatically with the precise message you choose at exactly the right time.

Given that more than half of all customer service interactions these days are digital, SMS is a natural extension of the on-demand nature of app-based businesses. Integrating customized programmable SMS and voice into your platform is an easy, fast process, and you’re up and running in a few short weeks, not months. For customers, it’s a seamless way to get important transactional information, but for businesses, SMS drives speed, efficiency, scale and ROI.