Text Alerts: The Fastest Way to Reach Your Customers

Texts keep customers informed, especially when messages are time-sensitive. Adding text messaging to your business is easy with an API like Twilio.

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Text Alerts: The Fastest Way to Reach Your Customers

While texting is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication by billions of mobile users — 4.2 billion people text worldwide — many innovative companies are recognizing the need to connect with their customers on the devices they use every day in order to notify them of important information, faster. Retailers, for example, have begun using text alerts to remind customers of upcoming bill-payment deadlines. Food delivery services text customers to let them know an order is on its way. Companies from all industries are embracing this channel of quick and conventient communication.

Communicating important information simply and efficiently via text has benefits for both sides of the transaction. Customers experience a more satisfying and engaging experience with businesses and the services they provide. In fact, 89% of consumers in a recent survey said they would like to use SMS to communicate with businesses. And companies who text are quickly gaining a distinct customer experience advantage over those businesses who don't.

Text Alerts for an Instant Customer Connection

Looking to make an instant connection? Text messages are one of the best ways to keep customers in the loop, especially if the message is urgent. Text alerts deliver important information with immediacy, so customers can act on it right away. Alerting customers with a real-time text of a pending delivery, service appointment, or receipt of an order, helps them feel valued and informed, ultimately improving their satisfaction and increasing the likelihood that they’ll call on your business again.

Text alerts are especially important for companies who promise ‘speed and convenience’ in their services; swift customer communication is equally crucial. Texting an SMS alert gives businesses a competitive advantage and ensures they live up to their promise.

Feeding Hungry Customers with Programmable SMS

As our lives get busier, there’s often very little time to shop. Especially for groceries. The team at Instacart understood that, and set out to make food shopping a whole lot easier. In fact, they disrupted the grocery-delivery market with a lean strategy that aligns sellers, drivers, and consumers to get groceries to customers on the same day, from wherever they want them. With so many parties involved in the transaction, Instacart required a communication platform that was on par with their superior shopping experience. They chose to integrate Twilio Programmable SMS to support their end-to-end customer service and communications strategy. Now, text alerts serve as a fast, friendly, and efficient way to keep everyone informed throughout the entire process: from the time the order is received, to when groceries are bagged, and right up to the moment the driver delivers the purchase to the shopper’s door.

How Instacart integrates communications into the customer experience

Similarly, Doordash, a restaurant delivery service, also needed secure, automated communications between dispatchers, dashers, and customers for streamlined and seamless operations and delivery. By using simple text alerts—powered by Twilio—Doordash keeps their hungry customers in the know from beginning to end, delivering both a scrumptious meal and a satisfying experience.

DoorDash Text Alerts for Order Tracking

Build, Customize, and Scale End-to-End Communications

Both of these digital brands needed the freedom to build a communication experience that could scale and grow with their business. Twilio’s easy-to-use, flexible API provided them with a solution that could be customized to make the entire communication experience rewarding for staff and customers alike.

And as these businesses continue to tap into new markets and expand on-demand delivery solutions, they can rely on Twilio’s global coverage and 99.999% uptime to ensure important and time-sensitive text alerts are delivered to customers, shoppers, drivers, and couriers wherever they are.

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