IDC Cloud Communications Platform (CPaaS) Report

See why IDC calls Twilio a leader among its competitors in the cloud communications space.

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IDC Cloud Communications Platform (CPaaS) Report

IDC MarketScape Report Names Twilio a Leading Cloud Communications Platform

The 2016 IDC MarketScape report on cloud communications platforms (CPaaS) found Twilio to be a leader. This report is for businesses looking to embed SMS, voice, and video into their applications.

Twilio Competitors

IDC MarketScape gives an overview of the cloud communications market and discusses what criteria to consider when evalutating alternatives. IDC’s profile of Twilio uncovers three key differentiators that put the company ahead of competition in terms of both current capabilities and long-term strategy:

  • A strong focus on simple-to-use APIs
  • Compatibility with major cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, IBM's Bluemix, and Microsoft Azure
  • A deep communications portfolio that meets a wide variety of communication needs

Read the full report to find out how Twilio’s developer-first strategy and commitment to making embedded communications part of every application gives it a competitive advantage against Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo and other CPaaS providers.