What is Twilio Super Network?

At the core of our voice, SMS, IoT, and video products is our Super Network. Learn about the world's most reliable carrier-grade communications network.

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What is Twilio Super Network?

Twilio was born because we believed that there was a fundamental problem with how difficult it was for businesses to reach their customers. For the last 10 years we've been hard at work building out the world’s most reliable and resilient communications network to help solve this problem. At its core, the Twilio Super Network focuses on three things:

Building a new type of Carrier Partner Network

Designing a truly Intelligent Infrastructure

Infusing Operational Excellence into every aspect of our work

The Twilio Super Network collects, consolidates, and delivers the world’s various communications networks. This allows any business to reach anyone in the world over any channel through one provider. To do this, we have taken a different approach than a traditional telecom company. What makes the Twilio Super Network so super is our unique ability to layer in software to every element of the network. From intelligent route monitoring and automated routing changes to using machine learning to prevent fraud we continue to find innovative ways to use software to ensure the network is always improving. As a result, businesses are able to focus on building unique communication experiences with their customers instead of dealing with the messiness of traditional telecommunication. We believe that customers should never have to worry about network diagrams and servers and redundant power sources and just focus on the code that counts.

Network Diagram to Code

Carrier Partner Network

To be able to reliably offer a network with voice, SMS/MMS, and cellular connectivity for IoT services, that is high quality--often known as carrier grade--you have to work with dozens of carriers. In the last 10 years, we’ve established partnerships with tier 1 providers all over the world to make up our Carrier Partner Network. Our software measures voice quality on every route in real time, allowing us to choose how to route traffic to deliver the highest quality. Instead of dealing with the outages and service disruptions common in today's telecom world, companies can depend on our Carrier Partner Network for higher quality and reliability than a single provider network allows for. By weaving together these different networks, we’ve achieved something greater than the sum of its parts.

Intelligent Infrastructure

When tens of thousands of businesses rely on you for their communications, you take reliability and resilience seriously. To achieve the reliability our customers need and expect, we essentially wrote the book on high-availability infrastructure for real-time communications using Amazon Web Services. We've deployed our infrastructure across multiple AWS regions that are geographically independent to ensure redundancy. To augment our cloud infrastructure, we deploy physical infrastructure through our Twilio Network Exchange to enable high-quality direct connections with our carrier partners and customers alike.

But we demand more from our infrastructure than just reliability--we demand real intelligence. We invest millions into our AI, machine learning, and software to identify problems as quickly as possible. We’ve gotten so good at it we’re often alerting our carrier partners before they’re even aware of an issue. By actively monitoring thousands of destinations and individual customer traffic performance, we're able to prevent delivery issues, route around failures, and limit voice latency. Plus, we're able to absorb huge traffic spikes with no degradation in quality by closely monitoring our overall network capacity and automatically scaling out our infrastructure as needed.

Operational Excellence

Managing a globally distributed network of carriers, navigating each country's telco laws and regulations, and working around the clock to protect customers from fraudsters is a full-time job. Fortunately, our Super Network Team is made up of over 100 people working around the clock to deal with these complexities so customers don’t have to. Our Super Network Team is geographically dispersed in a “follow-the-sun” model to provide local, in-region coverage for all our carrier partners. Having boots on the ground lets us develop trust through personal relationships and troubleshoot issues in real time, so no one has to lose sleep dealing with the unexpected. Our Fraud and Security Teams proactively prevent millions of dollars in telco fraud each year by deploying innovative new techniques and always staying one step ahead of fraudsters. When you become a Twilio customer, we put the Super Network Team to work for you, so you can get back to focusing on what matters and leave the rest to us.

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