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What Can You Do with Twilio?

Companies like Coca-Cola and are using communications to build better experiences for customers and employees. See what Twilio can do for you.

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What Can You Do with Twilio?

The question Manav Khurana, VP of Product Marketing at Twilio, is asked most often is, “What can you do with Twilio?”

In this webinar Manav explains Twilio’s unique position at the intersection of software applications and communication systems. Through a live coding demo, he shows how communications can be integrated into just about any software application.

Short on time? See at a glance what Twilio can do.

  • Communications APIs enable voice, messaging, and video conversations within web and mobile apps.
  • Programmable connectivity options provide virtual phone numbers, SIP trunking, messaging connectivity, and cellular connectivity within devices.
  • Use-case APIs power higher-level abstraction for tasks such as authentication, call routing, and message orchestration.

More than a million developers and leading brands are using Twilio to build innovative communications solutions:

  • Trulia uses Twilio to track and connect real estate agents with home buyers.
  • Lyft and enable users to communicate directly with each other without revealing their private phone numbers.
  • At Zendesk, staff can talk with customers directly through the help desk web interface.
  • At Coca-Cola Enterprises, field technicians receive automated alerts as soon as vending machines need maintenance.

Developers around the world are making the communications experience more convenient and intuitive for businesses and their customers. What will you do with Twilio?