Doctor on Demand’s Jacinda Shelly on Building a Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular. Learn how Doctor On Demand uses Twilio to connect patients and doctors by video.

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Doctor on Demand’s Jacinda Shelly on Building a Telemedicine Platform

If you wake up feeling sick, the last thing you want to do is roll out of bed, drive to your doctor’s office, and then sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes, only to pick up a prescription to fill at the pharmacy. What if you could schedule a doctor’s appointment instantly, and meet with them directly from your home?

Doctor On Demand allows anyone to have a video visit with a board-certified, US-trained physician or mental health professional from anywhere in the US. In telemedicine, video is vital to providing high-quality care to patients. By using video, Doctor on Demand has saved their users a half-billion dollars in healthcare costs and one million hours in the waiting room.

Jacinda Shelly was the first engineer at Doctor On Demand; she built the backend infrastructure and API from the ground up. Now, as a hands-on CTO, Jacinda is responsible for Doctor on Demand’s entire technical architecture. In this session at SIGNAL, she explains how they built a secure, scalable, and reliable telemedicine platform using Twilio Programmable Video.

No time to watch right now? Here are three top takeaways from Jacinda’s talk:

  • Using video adds an additional human element of communication that is absent from chat or voice based channels. This human element is especially critical in healthcare where doctors rely on visual and other cues from patients to diagnose their symptoms.
  • Having a secure, reliable platform that’s compatible on all browsers, works on both desktop and mobile platforms, and doesn’t require users to install a plug-in was key to building a user-friendly video experience.
  • All it takes is a single developer several months to build and create a video platform. In this video, you’ll learn how to how to simplify client configuration and set up for your video calls.