How Doctor On Demand Uses Programmable Video

Hear from Doctor On Demand’s CTO about the healthcare provider’s secure, scalable, and reliable telemedicine platform, powered by Twilio Programmable Video.

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How Doctor On Demand Uses Programmable Video

You may think of a visit with a doctor as a physical examination. But often, doctors mostly talk to their patients about symptoms and treatment options. With Doctor On Demand, just like in in-person visits, doctors take their patients’ history, assess symptoms, and if needed, send prescriptions directly to their patients’ local pharmacy. What’s different about a visit with Doctor On Demand, however, is that it takes place over high-definition video. This is what’s known as telemedicine.

In telemedicine, video is vital to delivering high-quality care. Doctors depend on a smooth connection and clear image to provide a proper diagnosis and accurate treatment. Through Doctor On Demand’s mobile app and website, patients can connect with a Board-certified physician or mental health professional any time of day, from anywhere they have an internet connection. The technology behind these connections is an API that enables businesses to add real-time video into their web and native mobile applications.

While video technology is the backbone for Doctor On Demand’s business, it wasn’t something they wanted to build themselves. In this video, Doctor On Demand’s CTO Jacinda Shelly explains how Twilio Programmable Video powers their secure, scalable, and reliable telemedicine platform.

If you’re short on time, here are five key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • High-definition video and reliable connections are critical in telemedicine, where doctors depend on visual and other cues from patients to diagnose their symptoms.
  • High quality video connections help create a better patient-provider relationship, and ultimately, better quality of care.
  • Doctor On Demand chose Twilio Programmable Video for its secure, reliable platform that’s compatible on all browsers and works on both desktop and mobile platforms. Doctor On Demand was able to plug directly into Twilio and get started right away.
  • Switching to Twilio Programmable Video improved Doctor On Demand’s video quality while their connectivity metrics either remained unchanged or improved.
  • Twilio Programmable Video provides the cloud infrastructure and powerful SDKs businesses need to add real-time video into their web and native mobile applications.

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