Ababa Transcription and Call Scoring

Identify key events in call recording with Transcriptions & Call Scoring

Replace the cost of humans listening to calls to identify if a key event happened on a call. Was the call a sales inquiry? Did the call result in an appointment or a conversion? Did your agent demonstrate best practices sales skills? Advanced algorithms and thousands of queries are employed to answer the 10 most important questions for any marketing or sales team. Every call receives a high quality transcription that can be searched for keywords and drill-down.

Please note: indicators are only provided for calls longer than 30 seconds. Expected response turnaround time is under 90 minutes.

  • Sales, Service & Marketing Metrics

    Recording is analyzed to determine if the following events occurred on the call. 1) Lead Score 2) Sales Inquiry? 3) Existing Customer? 4) Conversion/Success? 5) Acquired Name? 6) Acquired Phone Number? 7) Acquired Email? 8) Set Appointment? 9 Agent Sales Skills? 10) Missed Opportunity?

  • Accurate-Fast Transcription

    An extremely accurate transcription is returned with time stamps and confidence scores for each word. Keywords can be searched for drilling down on key events.

Sample annotation responses


JSON response provides each word with a timestamp and confidence between 0 and 1

   "transcript": "hello this is bob",
   "word_confidence": [
            "begin_time": 0.59,
            "spoken": "hello",
            "duration": 0.56,
            "confidence": 0.07,
            "token": "hello"
            "begin_time": 0.72,
            "spoken": "this",
            "duration": 0.45,
            "confidence": 0.04,
            "token": "this"
            "begin_time": 0.89,
            "spoken": "is",
            "duration": 0.65,
            "confidence": 0.06,
            "token": "is"
            "begin_time": 0.98,
            "spoken": "bob",
            "duration": 0.80,
            "confidence": 0.07,
            "token": "bob"

Event Indicators

Event indicators provide a name of the indicator and the score ranging from 1-100 and NA if applicable

  "indicators": {
    "Lead Score (c)": 73.68,
    "Sales Inquiry": 85.4,
    "Appointment Set": 93,
    "All Conversion (c)": 81,
    "Sales Skills (c)": 70.19,
    "Acquired Name": 0,
    "Acquired Phone Number": 0,
    "Acquired Email": 0,
    "Missed Opportunity": 0

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