Algorithmia Named Entity Recognition

Extract names, dates, and numbers from SMS messages.

Named Entity Recognition (also known as entity identification) is a method for information extraction from unstructured textual data. This particular implementation will identify names of people, names of organizations, numbers, dates, ranges, locations, and other value types.

The add-on will take in the text from an SMS message and return the identified entities within that short message as nested arrays. The outer most array will contain an item for each sentence, and each sentence will be an array with identified entities as items, and each identified entity will be a pair of values of the name of the entity and its type.

Based on Algorithmia's Named Entity Recognition.

    Sample annotation responses

    Sample Response

    Input: "Jim went to Stanford University, Tom went to the University of Washington. They both joined Microsoft in January."

    		["Jim", "PERSON"],
    		["Stanford", "ORGANIZATION"],
    		["University", "ORGANIZATION"],
    		["Tom", "PERSON"],
    		["University", "ORGANIZATION"],
    		["of", "ORGANIZATION"],
    		["Washington", "ORGANIZATION"]
    		["Microsoft", "ORGANIZATION"],
    		["January", "DATE"]
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