Data Axle BizInfo

Accurate business data on demand

Data Axle BizInfo enables developers to quickly find and return information on a company profile. Gain accurate business information with access to millions of U.S. and Canadian businesses:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Address Location (Including Lat/Long)
  • Line of Business
  • Primary Contact (Owner, Manager, etc)
  • Location Employee Size
  • Website URL
  • Social URLs such as Facebook, Twitter

Only supported for U.S. and Canada (+1) phone numbers.

  • BizInfo powered by Data Axle

    Data Axle is a powerful data management platform delivering: real-time data updates, immediate access to new businesses and new attributes

  • Data Quality

    We research, acquire, compile, update and verify data with one overriding priority and accuracy.

  • About Infogroup Data Licensing

    Infogroup is the leader and trusted source in providing point of interest data to location-based service applications, including local search and navigation, as well as marketing services such as lead qualification, mobile and digital advertising.

Sample annotation responses

Successful search

The response for a successful search will be:

  "status": "success",
  "e164": "+14029320303",
  "result": {
      "city": "Bellevue",
      "name": "Varsity Sports Cafe",
      "phone": "(402) 932-0303",
      "state": "NE",
      "suite": "Ste 100",
      "street": "3504 Samson Way",
      "website": "",
      "postal_code": "68123-4302",
      "facebook_url": ""

Other responses

When the phone number could not be found, the response will be:

  "status": "notfound",
  "e164": "+14025551212"

Other responses

If the phone number is not a valid US or Canada E.164 phone number, the response will be:

  "status": "error",
  "error": "Invalid phone number"
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