Deepgram Speech AI - Phrase Detector

The Deepgram Phrase detector uses AI to spot times of keywords in speech.

The Deepgram Phrase Detector Add-on locates spoken phrases in recorded calls with high accuracy. Make your app conversation-aware using Deepgram's accurate fuzzy speech search.

  • The Most Accurate Phrase Search

    Deepgram's proprietary fuzzy search uses deep learning algorithms to locate phrases even in noisy, low-quality audio. Unlike transcript-based search, Deepgram's search accuracy improves with longer search phrases and works with specialized vocabulary such as names and other proper nouns.

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Deepgram can help enforce regulatory compliance and check that standards of behavior are being followed by matching a call against a rubric of what should and should not be said.

  • Real-time Notifications

    Escalate an issue or notify a supervisor when red flags show up in a call. You can configure your app to send a notification when Deepgram Phrase Detector finds something amiss.

  • Understand Your Customers

    What's making your customers happy? What are your options for improvement? Discover these trends by searching for competitor mentions, product names, 'I love', or 'cancel my subscription'.

Sample annotation responses

API Response JSON

Deepgram Phrase Detector finds hits for your search terms. See the documentation tab to learn more.

    "outputs": {
        "speech_search_results": [
                "term": "verify your date of birth",
                "hits": [
                    {"time_s": 35.2, "p": 0.84}
                "term": "your manager",
                "hits": [
                    {"time_s": 140.3, "p": 0.98},
                    {"time_s": 148.1, "p": 0.82}
                "term": "your supervisor",
                "hits": []
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