Deepgram Speech AI - Transcription

The Deepgram Transcription engine uses AI to accurately convert speech into text

The Deepgram Transcription Add-on is a super-accurate and cost-effective speech to text engine. Using deep contextual AI, we transcribe your recorded phone calls with unprecedented speed and quality.

  • Most Accurate Transcription Engine

    Deepgram's proprietary speech-to-text engine uses state-of-the-art deep learning to transcribe phone calls with accuracy that beats Google--even with noisy, low-quality audio. This Add-On uses the highest quality model available from Deepgram.

  • Really Fast Transcription

    Deepgram transcription is tuned to deliver transcripts back to you at blazing speed. Low latency results means you get critical information you need to help your business keep moving.

  • Understand Your Customers

    What's making your customers happy? What are your options for improvement? Transcribe all of your phone calls and build the knowledge you need to make decisions.

  • Always Improving

    Deepgram's cutting-edge models are always being improved with the latest advances in deep model and training architectures. Contact Deepgram to inquire about custom vocabulary and recognition.

Sample annotation responses

API Response JSON

Deepgram Transcription produces a transcript for the audio recorded on your call. See the documentation tab to learn more.

    "outputs": {
        "transcript": "hello this is a telephone conversation recorded by your telephony system"
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