Digital Segment Business Information

Input a business phone number and return key firmagraphics about that business.

Learning information about an inbound business customer is important for call handling and agent preparation. Digital Segment's service takes an inbound business phone number and returns information about that business including name, address, industry classification (i.e SIC Code), number of employees, sale revenue, and year the business was established.

Currently, Business Information is only supported for North American (+1) phone numbers.

  • Real-time Business Intelligence

    Submit phone numbers to get relevant details around the business that is calling.

  • Improve Sales Opportunities

    Quickly identify the type of company that is calling and route it to the appropriate staff member to handle the call.

  • Over 20 Million Businesses

    Our real time database contains information on over 20 million businesses in the US.

Sample annotation responses

Sample Output Response for JSON

Below is the format of an example record found with output response for JSON.

    "0": {
            "address": "51 BILTMORE AVE",
            "busname": "ALOFT",
            "city": "ASHEVILLE",
            "emp": "30",
            "naics": "721110",
            "phone": "8282322838",
            "primsic": "7011",
            "sales": "3158",
            "salesyear": "2015",
            "state": "NC",
            "yearest": null,
            "zip": "28801",
            "zip4": "3626"
    "Phone": "+18282322838",
    "Result": "Success",
    "ResultRecords": 1
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