IBM Watson Message Sentiment

Use IBM Watson to identify positive/negative sentiment from messages

Sentiment is the attitude, opinion or feeling toward something, such as a person, organization, product or location. IBM Watson Message Sentiment provides easy-to-use mechanisms to identify the positive or negative sentiment within a text message. The algorithm looks for words that carry a positive or negative connotation. It understands negations (i.e. "this car is good" vs. "this car is not good") and modifiers (i.e. "this car is good" vs. "this car is really good"). IBM Watson Message Sentiment can be used to track the voice of the customer for an organization or to support user feedback and surveys. Developers can now gain deep customer insights by making use of the vast amount of unstructured data accumulated through messages.

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  • Document Sentiment

    IBM Watson Message Sentiment can calculate the sentiment for the overall message to determine if it's generally more positive or more negative.

  • Language Support

    IBM Watson Message Sentiment supports sentiment analysis for content written in English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, with additional languages in development.

Sample annotation responses

IBM Watson Message Sentiment API Response JSON

IBM Watson Message Sentiment is capable of computing SMS Sentiment. The IBM Watson Sentiment Analysis Add-on for Twilio provides document-level sentiment on SMS text.

    "status": "REQUEST_STATUS",
    "language": "DOCUMENT_LANGUAGE",
    "docSentiment": {
       "type": "SENTIMENT_LABEL",
       "score": "DOCUMENT_SENTIMENT",
       "mixed": "SENTIMENT_MIXED"
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