Mobile Commons Optout Classifier

A classifier that will recognize if a user wants to stop receiving messages.

A classifier that will recognize if a user wants to stop receiving messages. Handles the full range of requests from industry standard required opt out commands for TCPA compliance ("STOP ALL") to polite requests ("Please don't text me again"). Will safely ignore requests that contain STOP words, but are referring to something else ("Stop joking around").

  • All out TCPA compliance

    We catch thousands of variations of opt out requests. Doing so demonstrates good faith on your part and reduces your exposure to TCPA complaints.

  • Notice unhappy users

    A user who doesnt know how to opt out becomes increasingly frustrated as they try to get off the list. This frustration leads to bad word of mouth. We search the long tail of opt out requests, and find these users before this happens.

  • Fewer false positives

    Our library of opt out phrases is trained to find text message opt outs. Phrases that are similar, but do not refer to texts or messages are correctly identified as not being opt out requests.

Sample annotation responses

Example industry stop command

Industry standards require you to stop message a person if they send you a message with one of these words: STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE.

Sample JSON response 
    "probability": 1,
    "language": "en"

Example polite request

Most users will not know how to phrase their opt out request. While you are not required to opt them out, it is the right thing to do, and shows good faith in future TCPA issues.

Sample JSON response 
    "probability": 0.9,
    "language": "en"
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