Nexiwave Voicemail to Text

Fully automated Voicemail to Text service to transcribe voicemails to text

Listening to voicemails is a long and tedious task. Nexiwave Voicemail to Text Add-On can convert those voicemails into text resulting in increased productivity and time savings. Our fully automated Voicemail to Text solution is a highly accurate and ready-to-use voicemail transcription service. Twilio developers can now easily add voicemail transcription feature to their service offerings.

Please note: Nexiwave limits voicemail length to three minutes. Voicemails longer than three minutes will be truncated and only the first three minutes will be processed.

  • Highly Accurate

    Unlike speech systems that try to handle all speech domains, Nexiwave Voicemail Transcription engine is developed for voicemail transcription task from ground up, with specially designed algorithms and highly focused speech models. For example, Nexiwave algorithms recognize phone numbers left in voicemails, the most important information in any voicemails, at 99% accuracy. Twilio voicemails are accurately transcribed with industry leading machine level accuracy. The end users can easily grasp the main idea of the voicemails from the less-than-perfect transcripts and respond to the voicemails.

  • Fast Processing

    Voicemails are time sensitive. Therefore, Nexiwave finishes processing most voicemails (<30s) within the first minute. For longer voicemails, Nexiwave guarantees to finish processing under five minutes.

  • Keyword Highlighting

    The most important details in any voicemail are the phone numbers. Nexiwave automatically extracts phone numbers and keywords, such as semantically important keywords, left in voicemail and highlights them in the transcript. This enables the end users to read voicemails with a quick glance.

  • Fully Automated

    No human being is involved in any steps. 100% privacy guaranteed.

Sample annotation responses

Transcript Response: HTML Format

With HTML transcript format, phone numbers and keywords are automatically analysed and tagged with CSS classes, with embedded ready-to-use CSS styles. Phone numbers are also converted to clickable hyperlinks. This makes the transcript much easier to read and actionable. This format is suitable for delivering transcript via html emails.

      "text":"<div><style>.SpokenPhoneNumber{color: #81275c;font-weight:bold;}.SpokenKeyTerm{font-weight:bold;color: #a13032;}</style>
<p>This is <span class='SpokenKeyTerm'>Eric</span>. My number is <span class='SpokenPhoneNumber'><a href='tel:+14165551234' value='+14165551234' target='_blank'>(416) 555-1234</a></span>.</p>

Transcript Response: PlainText Format

With plain text format, the raw transcript is returned. The transcript is suitable for SMS or plain text emails.

    "text":"This is Eric. My number is (416) 555-1234."
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