RealPhoneValidation RPV Turbo

Identify connected/disconnected, line type & carrier with live telco switch data

RPV Turbo is RealPhoneValidation's most thorough phone validation service. RPV Turbo returns a true connected/disconnected disposition. Hitting as many as 5 telco data points including the live billing record. You submit a US or Canadian phone number and RPV Turbo returns: connected/disconnected, phone type (landline/cell), carrier, and caller id.

Since we use live telco data, our accuracy is unsurpassed and will usually be 95% or better.

RPV Turbo provides the highest accuracy phone number validation available with minimal false negatives (typically less than .4%). When we're uncertain about a phone number we disposition it as connected so you don't lose any viable leads.

RPV Turbo only supports U.S. and Canada (+1) numbers.

  • Connected or Disconnected

    RealPhoneValidation instantly improves your data by identifying invalid, un-contactable phone numbers.

  • Phone Type Lookup

    Determine if a number is a landline, VoIP, or mobile. Verify cell phone numbers to reduce undelivered messages and ensure TCPA compliance.

  • Carrier ID

    Validate prospects by obtaining details about their phone carrier. Flag numbers from carriers connected with fraud upfront.

  • Caller ID

    Having the name connected to the phone number helps to fight fraud and allows you to focus on real people.

Sample annotation responses

Connected Phone Line

Sample response for connected cell phone number

  "carrier":"Verizon Wireless:6006 - SVR\/2"

Disconnected Phone Line

Sample response for disconnected landline phone number

  "cnam":"John Doe",
  "carrier":"Frontier Rochester:0121 - SVR/1"
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