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Global Carrier-Grade Caller ID

OpenCNAM was built to deliver the highest possible coverage rates for caller name without sacrificing accuracy or performance. OpenCNAM has two service levels: Standard and Plus. Both options deliver real-time, carrier-supplied data, resulting in the most accurate data available. Standard is traditional network CNAM, which supports phone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan. Plus takes CNAM a step further by extending it to include carrier-supplied data outside of North America and intelligently augmenting that with trusted non-telecom sources when a carrier-supplied value doesn't exist. By combining the best of both worlds, Plus offers up to an 87% coverage rate in North America and an average of 57% in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Coverage and Service Level Information

  • Real, Carrier-Supplied CNAM

    The most accurate caller name data associated with a phone number is carrier-supplied. OpenCNAM always delivers this authoritative name value associated with a phone number, if the carrier has provided one. This allows OpenCNAM to achieve the highest level of accuracy for Caller ID available.

  • The Best of Both Worlds

    Telo's proprietary algorithm enables OpenCNAM Plus to intelligently extend the traditional CNAM network ensuring accurate, real-time name values for telephone numbers that do not have carrier-supplied values. Plus achieves up to an 87% coverage rate in North America versus 51% with CNAM alone.

  • Carrier-Grade, Global Caller ID

    Prior to OpenCNAM Plus, there wasn't an option for carrier-grade CNAM outside of North America. Now, with a 57% international coverage rate, and true telephony level service, OpenCNAM Plus delivers the only carrier-grade, global Caller ID solution

  • Trusted by Carriers World-Wide

    The telecommunications industry demands an SLA commitment of five nines. OpenCNAM is trusted as a Caller ID provider by hundreds of telephone carriers all over the globe. Carrier-grade latency and up-time ensures consistent performance and stability.

Sample annotation responses

North American Numbers

OpenCNAM Standard and OpenCNAM Plus both provide coverage for numbers in North America.

  "name": "TELO",
  "number": "+16786318356",

Toll-Free Numbers

OpenCNAM Plus provides coverage for Toll-Free numbers.

  "name": "TELO",
  "number": "+18883158356",

International Numbers

OpenCNAM Plus provides coverage for International numbers in over 200 countries.

  "name": "TELO",
  "number": "+442037019750",
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