VoiceBase PCI Detection and Redaction

Automatically Detect and Redact Sensitive PCI Data

Cleanse call recordings of sensitive PCI data using a combination of highly accurate speech to text, phrase detection and redaction, in order to increase the value of Twilio-recorded content. Now business can query a database full of rich customer insights to leverage when making business decisions. VoiceBase's proprietary algorithms, optimized for call-center audio, scan calls for credit card PAN and SAD data. Scrubbed recordings with credit card mentions replaced with flat tones are returned or return the start and stop times (time stamps) of all credit card data mentions for client-side redaction.

  • PCI Detection and Redaction

    VoiceBase will identify if a personal credit information (PCI) event occurred and will return the beginning and ending time-stamped positions for each occurrence. The information associated to the event will be redacted from the JSON output as well as the audio recording.

  • Accurate Transcription

    Recordings sent from Twilio are quickly processed in parallel by VoiceBase, using a proprietary speech engine to deliver industry-leading accuracy. VoiceBase returns a JSON response with a time aligned transcript, TXT and SRT formats and with speaker identification if dual channel is utilized.

  • Keyword and Topic Discovery

    VoiceBase automatically extracts the keywords and topics that are most important to your content. Discovered keywords and topics are delivered under the keywords object in the JSON response. Keywords include the start `s` and end `e` times and position `p` of each keyword in the transcript.

Sample annotation responses

PCI Detection Response

PCI events and the corresponding end `e` and start `s` timestamps are provided.

  "media": {
    "predictions": {
      "predictions": [
      "detections": [
          "type": "PCI",
          "e": 185320,
          "s": 127830

Transcription Response

Transcripts are sent back with the format requested txt for plain text transcripts and srt for closed caption transcripts. Each word and punctuation is individually identified with end `e`, start `s`, confidence `c` and position `p`.

"media": {
  "transcripts": {
      "text": "This is a test recording. ", 
     "words": [ { "w": "This", "e": 2210, "s": 1760, "c": 0.7, "p": 0 },
                { "w": "is", "e": 2290, "s": 2210, "c": 1, "p": 1 },
                { "w": "a", "e": 2760, "s": 2290, "c": 0.759, "p": 2},
                {"w": "test", "e": 3560, "s": 2760, "c": 0.533, "p": 3},
                {"w": "recording", "e": 3639, "s": 3560, "c": 0.501, "p": 4} ],
       "srt": "1\n00:00:01,76 --> 00:00:07,97\nThis is a test recording."

Topics and Keywords Response

Discovered topics are listed followed by the keywords associated to the topics.

"media": {
    "topics": {
      "topics": [
           "name" : "Law of obligations",
           "score" : 0,
           "keywords" : [ { "internalName": [ "payment" ],
                                     "t": { "unknown": [ "116.71", "185.72" ] },
                                  "name": "Payment",
                                 "score": "1" } ],
           "similarCategories" : [   ],
           "subcategories" : [  ],
           "speakers" : [ "unknown" ],
           "type" : "category"
         } ]
     "keywords": {
         "words" : [ { "t": { "unknown": [ "197.69", "200.9" ] },
                       "name": "air conditioning service",
                       "relevance": "0.982013790038"
                      } ]
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