Ytica Contact Center Reporting & Analytics

Surface critical contact center metrics and insights to save costs, improve sales and delight your customers

Ytica for Twilio listens to all TaskRouter events and reconstructs for you customer conversations into easy to an easy to use reporting platform. Once data starts flowing from Twilio you can enjoy carefully designed dashboards, reports, and alerts to help you run your contact center by the numbers. Ytica makes it easy uncover where your customers are abandoning the queue, which teams have longer handling time and which language leads to highest sales conversions. And of course, all the content is fully customizable so it fits the way you are used to doing business.

Backed by 18 years in the contact center space and serving customers in 90+ countries, Ytica brings you the expertise of running profitable operations in both sales & customer care.


  • Pre-built Dashboards Your Users Require

    With Ytica you do not start with a blank canvas to get your reporting done. Based on years of experience in various industries we provide you with a set of built in dashboards focused on a particular business issue to address like understanding abandoned calls patterns, differences in handling time or wrap-up times or the costs of serving your customers. All build-in content is regularly updated based on experience gathered across all of our customers.

  • Reporting that Gives You the Insight

    Visualize data, track trends, and isolate problem areas with a comprehensive set of dashboards, reports and alerts. Schedule daily e-mail reports or export them for your teams. Setup custom dashboards and KPIs that provide you with the right metrics to monitor. With alerts you will never miss an important event or change in performance.

  • Conversation Analytics

    Your recordings contain a very valuable asset - all conversations conducted with your customers. Instead of random listening, focus on the calls that need the most attention or where you can learn something new.

  • Drill down and Replay Calls

    Drill down from dashboards and reports all the way to the individual calls and listen to what your customers had to say. See where agents and customers are speaking and discover where cross talk and long silences occur. Listen to the right conversations that require attention and enable you to learn something new.

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The Twilio advantage
  • Communicate reliably

    Experience a 99.95% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and zero maintenance windows.

  • Operate at scale

    Extend the same app you write once to new markets with configurable features for localization and compliance.

  • Many channels

    Use the same platform you know for voice, SMS, video, chat, two-factor authentication, and more.

  • No shenanigans

    Get to market faster with pay-as-you-go pricing, free support, and the freedom to scale up or down without contracts.