Porting FAQs

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What do I need to do to port my customer's numbers?

The first step in the Porting process is to submit a porting request. If your customer will be porting fewer than 100 numbers, submit a general porting request. If your customer will be porting more than 100 numbers, submit a bulk porting request. Read more here.

What documentation do I need to port my customer's numbers?

In order to port your customer's numbers, you will need to provide the the following pieces of information:

Can I remove the Twilio branding from the Letter of Authorization?

Yes! Feel free to remove the Twilio branding and create your own LOA.

Can my customers contact Twilio directly for support on ported numbers?

You (the Requestor/Twilio customer) are the point of contact for your customers. Please advise your customers to communicate directly with you. If your customers do reach out to Twilio, we will loop you into the conversation, as partners have different Terms of Service with their customers. Please note that Twilio is not obligated to meet your customers' Terms of Service requirements unless otherwise specified and agreed upon.

How do I know my request is complete and being processed?

If you submitted a general port request through the portal, you can log in to your Twilio account to check the status of your port.

If you submitted a bulk port request (more than 100 numbers), please send us an email at porting@twilio.com and we'll be happy to check on your port request status for you.

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