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Twilio Support FAQ for Partners

Everyone needs a little help at some point. Fortunately, Twilio Support is here to answer your and your customers' questions. On this page, we've pulled together answers to some of our partners' most frequently asked questions about Twilio Support.

What does Twilio Support generally cover?

Twilio Support provides technical support and customer service for Twilio‘s partners, developers, and business users.

Everyone who contacts Twilio for help gets a response from a Twilio Support team member.

Typical topics we cover include:

  • Trouble-shooting developers' issues with the Twilio API
  • How to accomplish a specific function with Twilio
  • Whether Twilio can help a developer with a specified task

Please note, Twilio Support cannot make decisions about application infrastructure, user interface, etc.

How fast will I receive a response from Twilio Support?

While there is no response timeline guarantee for basic customer support, Twilio Support makes a reasonable effort to answer general inquiries, usually within 1 business day.

Twilio Support business hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM US Pacific to 6:00 PM US Pacific, excluding major US holidays.

What if I want to guarantee faster response times, want to talk over the phone and/or need 24x7 support?

Twilio offers support plans to meet different customer needs.

For more information, visit Support Plans.

What should Twilio Partners know about how to best use Twilio Support?

When contacting Twilio Support, it's best to provide the most context you can. For example, it helps to provide information about how your application works, specific error codes, and multiple examples of calls or messages.

Providing us with as much detail as possible about what you're doing and what went wrong (expected vs. actual behavior) will enable us to more efficiently and accurately answer your questions.

When Twilio Partners' customers have questions, should they contact Twilio Support directly?

It's always best to advise your customers to contact you, the Twilio Partner, for support.

Twilio can only see the requests and responses coming in and out of Twilio, and trouble-shooting often requires knowledge of how your application works and how your customer interacts with your application.

If Twilio Support receives a question from a Twilio Partner's customer, we will typically loop you, the Twilio Partner, into the conversation. This is due to the fact that we don't have visibility into your application.

If you have a customer-specific issue, feel free to include your customer on the support request to start a conversation between all parties.

What's the best way to contact Twilio Support?

Submit a ticket


Before contacting Twilio Support, we encourage you to visit the Twilio Help Center and Twilio Documentation for answers to frequently asked questions about Twilio products and services.

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