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May 25, 2016 – San Francisco

Twilio Announces Notify API

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 25, 2016) - Twilio today launched Twilio Notify, an API for orchestrating notifications across SMS, push notifications, and messaging applications. Twilio Notify is designed to address the growing complexity of the messaging landscape and the challenge businesses face to effectively manage customer communications at scale. Developers and businesses no longer need to integrate their software with numerous messaging channels or create orchestration logic from scratch in order to reach their intended audience. Developers can simply use the Twilio Notify API to specify customers for an intended message and Twilio takes care of the rest, reaching customers via the customer's preferred channel. With today's launch, Twilio extends its role as the messaging hub for communications - a platform for easy integration of any messaging application. Twilio announced Notify today at SIGNAL, the developer conference for communications. To learn more and to request early access, please visit

"Nike already leverages Twilio SMS for our product launch campaigns. We're excited about the new functionality Notify can bring to our customer communications," said Amit Shukla, Nike Engineering Manager, Communication Delivery System. "Twilio Notify will make it even easier for us to manage message delivery in the way each customer prefers, further ensuring a stellar customer experience."

As the messaging landscape has continued to grow, managing user preferences and reaching customers via their preferred channel has become increasingly challenging for businesses. As a result, many businesses resort to sending messages to customers through multiple channels, creating frustration for consumers and inefficiency for the business. With the new service, developers simply specify the intended recipient and set rules on how Twilio sends a notification. Twilio Notify can be used to orchestrate messages for each individual user, whether notifying ten people or ten million -- all with a single API call.

Twilio Notify provides the following capabilities:
Smart Orchestrations: Twilio Notify automatically enables notifications based on user preference, group membership, the channel or device last used, where a user is currently active, and delivery success history.

Multi-channel Messaging: Developers can send notifications through a wide variety of channels including global SMS, Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger -- all in a single API call.
User Segmentation: The new service enables developers to easily combine users to send group notifications with a single API call. Each user can be assigned multiple tags so notifications can be sent based on office location, preferred channel, business team, device type, or other customized classifications.

"Managing messaging, at scale, while being able to accommodate your customers' usage preferences is absolutely critical for business success today," said Twilio CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Lawson. "Twilio Notify makes it easy for businesses to address the constantly changing world of messaging and focus on who they want to notify and what they want to say. Twilio takes care of the rest. We can't wait to see what our customers build."

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