Twilio Announces Support For LINE, Enabling Developers to Use One Platform to Reach Customers on Virtually Any Channel

Millions of developers can now reach customers on one of the most widely used messaging apps in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia

Developers can now use one API to integrate multiple messaging channels into their applications - SMS, MMS, RCS, Facebook Messenger, LINE and more

Businesses can use Twilio Studio and Twilio Flex to integrate LINE in minutes, enhancing the customer experience with rich messaging

Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), the leading cloud communications platform, today announced support for LINE within Twilio, making it possible for global developers to use one platform to reach customers on virtually any messaging channel. With the addition of LINE to Twilio Channels, developers and businesses can leverage one of the most popular messaging channels in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia to better serve customers in these regions. In addition to messaging, LINE provides content rich communications including native support for sharing images, audio and video files and interactive content types like menus, surveys and suggested responses. By using the Twilio platform to integrate LINE into their applications, developers have a uniform interface to take advantage of these rich capabilities and enhance the customer experience. LINE is the most recent messaging channel to be supported by the Twilio platform in addition to SMS, MMS, RCS, Facebook Messenger and more. To learn more, visit the Twilio blog.

The number of communication channels available to consumers continues to proliferate which creates a challenge for companies who are looking to deliver an excellent customer experience to these consumers on their preferred channels. Rather than wrestling with variations in APIs, capabilities and tooling across various channels, Twilio’s platform provides one API that supports virtually every messaging channel, giving developers the ability to integrate new channels in minutes.

LINE is also integrated into Twilio Studio, a drag and drop visual application builder, so that anyone who manages the customer experience can integrate LINE into their applications. In addition, Twilio Flex, the first fully programmable contact center platform, now supports LINE so that customer service representatives can send and receive messages via LINE using the same interface they use for SMS, voice, email and other inquiries.

“The most successful organizations realize that delivering a seamless, elegant experience for customers on their preferred channels is a way to differentiate,” said Patrick Malatack, Vice President and General Manager of Messaging at Twilio. “When developers use Twilio to build these experiences - they trust that they will be able to use one API, now and in the future, to support the communication channels their customers want to use. We are thrilled to add support for LINE to the Twilio platform and can’t wait to see what our customers build.”

In exclusive partnership with Twilio, KDDI Web Communications provides the underlying carrier connectivity powering the Twilio API for customers across Japan. LINE is available now in public beta through Twilio Channels.

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