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There are endless resources on learning and teaching code, it can be difficult to know which will both engage your students, and prepare them for jobs in industry. Sometimes it feels easier to create your own materials, but keeping your syllabus up to date with industry trends is a full time job.

TwilioQuestis a PC-roleplaying game that teaches foundational programming skills, from popular languages and their development environments, to understanding web services. Embark on the Fog Owl with your students, and explore The Cloud, rewarding exploration of programming topics through roleplaying game mechanics.

TwilioQuest for Education gives you everything you need to bring TwilioQuest to your classroom, including lesson plans, exercises, and a community of innovative and supportive educators. Twilio is committed to helping create the next generation of developers, and provide TwilioQuest for Education for free to educators.

Teach with TwilioQuest

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Here's what you can expect

  • TwilioQuest missions teaching foundational programming skills in an engaging environment.
  • Lesson plans and instructors’ guides to help integrate TwilioQuest with your classroom.
  • A welcoming community of innovative educators.

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Misty II in the Role of Cedric

We selected Misty II, the first professional-grade platform robot, as our inspiration for Cedric, our NPC (non-player character) guide in TwilioQuest. Cedric lives in a cloud but inhabits the body of Misty II in the real world as his Avatar.

For educators, Misty II is a single learning platform with a multitude of capabilities, providing learning scalability.

  • Learn to program alongside TwilioQuest
  • 3D-print attachments for Misty II
  • Experiment with facial recognition
  • Use Arduino to build robot applications (skills)

Misty is flexible and engaging for students of all interests. With Misty II (Cedric) in the classroom, you’ll see the excitement about robots turn into a passion for coding and learning about technologies that are transforming our world.


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