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TwilioQuest Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game save automatically?

Yes! The game will save your progress automatically as you play, so you don’t have to!

Will this help me become a software developer or programmer and/or is this the best place to start learning to code?

TwilioQuest is not intended to be the entirety of a developer’s learning journey. It is intended to supplement other learning activities a student might be using. This could include courses, university, or other projects.

How do you find the path to python and/or node?

The objective(s) that require this have operating system specific instructions for finding the respective paths, underneath the ‘Help’ section in the terminal. If you’re still having trouble, hop into the TwilioQuest Discord and ask for help in the #mission-help channel!

Where do I download the game?

You can find the available TwilioQuest downloads here! Happy learning!

My code is fine but TwilioQuest says there’s an error!

It’s easy to miss things when knee deep in code, so try starting by combing through what you’ve written and checking for any typos or simple mistakes. There are tons of objectives in TwilioQuest and some of them can be pretty in depth, so re-reading objective briefs can also be beneficial. Additionally, there’s a ‘Help’ section setup for every objective in the game that includes in depth instructions on how to complete them. Last but not least, we invite you to visit the TwilioQuest Discord and ask for help in the #mission-help channel!

I’m trying to make a contribution to the Open Pixel Art project (e.g. the Contributing to Open Source: Make a Branch objective) and I keep getting an error! What should I do?

Here are a couple things you can try:

  • Check your environment variables and make sure the path to your local repo is set to the right directory. To find and configure environment variables in TwilioQuest, follow these steps:

    • Make sure the game is open
    • Press (3) on your keyboard and navigate to the (settings) menu
    • Click on the (variables) option in the list on the left side of the menu
    • Select (Unlock) on the page that comes up
    • Scroll down until you find the variable labeled (TQ_OPEN_PIXEL_ART_DIR)
    • If the directory path is wrong, update it and see if you pass the objective
  • An easy way to add a pixel is to copy an existing one and modify it. It’s important that you add a comma to the end of the previous pixel, otherwise you may get an error about an unexpected ‘{‘ or ‘}’

The Python Initiation: Create a Python class mission is failing, but there are no errors in my code!

Try checking to make sure you’ve named the class and methods correctly (e.g. fullname should be full_name)

Where can I go to get help?

The TwilioQuest Discord is our main community hub where you're invited to chat about the game, ask questions, and engage with others. Feel free to join and request help in the #mission-help channel!

Is there a help/support Discord server for Twilio?

Twilio related questions are better suited for the Twilio Stack Overflow collective, which can be found here!

What is TwilioQuest?

TwilioQuest is a free educational video game made by Twilio. Twilio aims to help learners in their coding journey through teaching concepts such as JavaScript, Python, Open source, and APIs in an RPG environment. TwilioQuest is an initiative by Twilio Education, whose mission is to serve developers through high-impact educational experiences at every stage of their professional journey.

What was deployed recently in TwilioQuest?

Check out the TwilioQuest Patch Notes!

Are there any knowledge prerequisites to playing TwilioQuest?

A little familiarity with using command-line interfaces helps (e.g. cmd.exe, powershell, wsl, etc), but won’t stop you from getting tons of value out of the game. TwilioQuest enables players to learn at their own pace and choose what to focus on, so you’re free to single out the things you’re interested in!

Can I make my own TwilioQuest content?

Check out the TwilioQuest Extension Docs!