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Become a Field Operator!

Calling All Student Leaders

From every corner of the world, thousands of intrepid explorers have answered the call to join the TwilioQuest Program. While this new generation of Operators prepares to confront the evil Legacy Systems, there is an urgent need for leadership outside The Cloud here in the real world. That's where you come in.

TwilioQuest is seeking student leaders like you to take on real world assignments to help bolster the ranks of Operators around the world, and unlock the tools of software development for everyone. These assignments can be difficult, but your goals will be noble, and your efforts will be rewarded.

We can't achieve our mission of equipping the world with the power of code without your help - can we count on you?

Become a Field Operator

NOTE: Currently, we are only able to accept Field Operator applications in the United States. We plan to open this program to the rest of the universe very soon!

The Mission

As a Field Operator, you will have the opportunity to complete assignments like the following:

  • Building and demoing example applications
  • Writing technical blog posts
  • Recording a technical TikTok video
  • Organizing events or hackathons with your fellow students

You will find a full list of available assignments in the Operator Console when you sign up!

The Rewards

Acting as a Field Operator will entitle you to a number of rewards, such as the following:

  • Equipment and insignia appropriate for your station, in the form of the very finest in Suitable Wearables And Garments, or S.W.A.G.
  • Access to exclusive technical training and career development opportunities.
  • Support for running virtual or IRL events with your community.

Apply for a Student Club Grant

Give your student club or event a boost with a TwilioQuest Student Club Grant. Receive monetary sponsorship, swag for your members, and learning resources when you hold a TwilioQuest workshop for your fellow students. Apply using the form below.

Apply for the grant