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Twilio Releases: Q1 2022

Welcome to Twilio’s Quarterly Release Webinar. In this developer webinar, you’ll get up to speed on all of Twilio’s latest product updates and take a behind-the-scenes look at new releases. Whether you’re just getting started with Twilio or are ready to go deep on new features, you’ll learn to build and deploy faster.In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll cover new features such as Self-Service SSO in the Twilio Console, Twilio Verify WhatsApp API, Twilio Frontline, Message Scheduling and so much more. Here are the list of products covered:

  • Twilio Verify Whatsapp API
  • Super SIM
  • Twilio Frontline
  • Self-service SSO on the Twilio Console
  • Message Scheduling
  • Twilio Video insights
  • Phone number compliance
  • Twilio Segment in the EU
  • Twilio Segment platform extensibility integrations

For the Japanese equivalent page, please visit here.

Q1 Release Webinar

Q1 2022

Phone Numbers

Regulatory Compliance - Public Beta Regulations API Beta

The Regulations API is moving to Public Beta. The Regulations API resource allows users to programmatically fetch the Regulations for a given phone number’s country, type, and the end-user type. The Regulations API is in sync with the Regulatory Guidelines webpage and is continually updated.

For additional details:

Super SIM is now Generally Available GA

We are excited to announce that Super SIM, Twilio's global cellular IoT connectivity platform, is now generally available.

Use Super SIM's API's and Console to control which of the nearly 400 available cellular networks from around the world your devices can connect to and manage your connectivity. 

Get started today by ordering a Super SIM from Console and checking out the documentation.

Programmable Video

Video Insights Public Beta Beta

We’re thrilled to announce that Video Insights is now available in Public Beta. 

Video Insights brings self-service tooling to the Twilio console to help you observe application usage and quality, discover trends across all your rooms and participants, and troubleshoot issues with ease, leading to higher quality video experiences for your customers, reduced churn, and increased confidence in scaling rapidly. 

Get started now by visiting the Video Insights Dashboard in the Twilio Console, or check out our blog post or the documentation to learn more.

Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling is in public beta Beta

We are excited to announce that Message Scheduling is in public beta!

You can now schedule a message over SMS, MMS and Whatsapp using the Programmable Messaging API. Today, when you make an API request to Twilio’s Programmable Messaging API, a message is sent out instantaneously. With this new feature, you can intentionally delay or schedule the time a message is sent out up to 7 days in the future. This means you no longer have to rely on internal cron jobs or scheduling services.

Check out our documentation and blog post to learn more and try scheduling a message.

We have launched a new SSO management experience in public beta. This new SSO UI will be available in the admin center for customers who have purchased Administrative or Enterprise editions.
Customers can configure and manage their SSO for Twilio Console by themselves using this UI. Earlier, they were required to create support tickets and exchange the SSO configuration data over emails which would take a few days to configure correctly. Now SSO configuration can be setup and enabled for managed users in a few minutes. 

Customers also don’t need to enable SSO for every user manually. With the new Domain based enforcement feature, all existing as well as new users will get SSO enforced automatically. So customers won’t have to track whether SSO is enabled for every new user invited to their Twilio Organization.

Learn more about this feature in Twilio Console SSO documentation.


Twilio Frontline is now Generally Available GA

We’re excited to announce that Twilio Frontline, the programmable sales engagement solution, is now Generally Available. Twilio Frontline is a mobile-first application designed for salespeople to build personalized digital relationships with clients over channels like SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Voice, and Chat while maintaining security and compliance.

See our blog for more details, check out our interactive demo to see it in action, or head over to our docs to learn how you can get started.


Verify WhatsApp is now in Public Beta Beta

Send one-time-passcodes to your WhatsApp users instantly with the Verify API. Check out our documentation to learn more.