The Developer Conference by Twilio
May 24 & 25, 2017 / SF, CA

SIGNAL breakout sessions

Day : 1 & 2 / May 24 & 25

Developer skillcraft & Twiliocraft

Learn from the experts in 80 breakout sessions hosted by Twilio employees & expert members of the community on areas including Mobile, Security, Machine Learning & AI, IoT, and Serverless Infrastructure.

  1. The Death of Data: Retention, Rot, and RiskHeidi Waterhouse
  2. Cross Platform Unicode ShenanigansAdam Varga
  3. Optimizing Digital Marketing ROI with Call TrackingChris Jenkins
  4. Voice and Messaging Bots: Using TaskRouterAl Cook
  5. Integrating Twilio with a Web-Based NLQA System Powered by WatsonTanmay Bakshi
  6. SMS for Voter RegistrationJosh Levinger (HelloVote)
  7. How Doctor on Demand Uses Video to Revolutionize HealthcareJacinda Shelly
  8. Building a Modern Contact Center: Best Practices from the FieldAmeer Badri
  9. Cracks in the FacadeJonathan Kingsley
  10. The WineBOT: How We Made a Bot that Pours Wine on TelevisionAndrew Pinzler
  11. Chatbots FTWElizabeth Ferrao
  12. Deeplinking, SMS, iOS NotificationsAyuna Vogel
  13. Build and Debug Apps That Scale to the Moon Using Twilio's Dev ToolsCarter Rabasa
  14. Open-Sourcing the Programmable Video Mobile SDKsIñaqui Delgado & Aaron Alaniz
  15. Securing Enterprises with Asymmetric KeysDan Theurer
  16. Building Alexa Skills with TwilioJesse Friedman
  17. Improving Voice Quality of Your Twilio ApplicationsGagan Mac
  18. Technology for Social OrganizingSaron Yitbarek
  19. Calling Congress with TwilioIan Webster
  20. Trust by Design: The Fusion of Maturity and Risk ModelingJason Hudak
  21. Controlling AWS CostsMK Lenz
  22. The National Rick Astley HotlinePaul Fenwick
  23. Building Robust and Scalable Data Pipelines with KafkaSam Kitajima-Kimbrel
  24. Global SMS Delivery, Challenges, and OpportunitiesAndreas Akesson
  25. Getting to Five 9s in the Cloud: Tales from the TrenchesThomas Wilsher
  26. Crowdsourcing Music via WebSocketsDan Gorelick
  27. Hacking NES GamesAndy Reitano
  28. How Businesses Can Use AI to Improve the Customer ExperienceWillie Tejada
  29. An Introduction to GRPCAlan Shreve

More to come.We’ll be updating this list with new sessions regularly.Check back soon for all the details.


Brett Evanson@brettevWhere am I going to find the time to build the 100 ideas I had at #signalconf ? @twilio

New in 2017 | Twilio Superclass

Day : 0 / May 23

Superclass: Live training from Twilio

For an additional fee, upgrade your ticket to attend Superclass—an extra full day of live, self-directed training for new and seasoned Twilio developers.

Explore Superclass

Closing party

Day : 2 / May 25

A world-class $BASH

$BASH is the carnival for coders—the after-party built for developers. SIGNAL 2015 brought you Coney Island. SIGNAL 2016 took you to Outer Space. SIGNAL 2017 presents: The World's Fair of the Future. You don't want to miss it.


Selynna Sun@selynyan$bash was amazing. Thanks @twilio for one of the best conferences yet #signalconf

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