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May 24 & 25
Developer Conference for Communications
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Building an SMS lead generation business (App) for car dealers

Our main challenge was to make buyers trust car dealers, the least trusted salespeople in America. There are 17,665 car dealers in America and most of them currently generate leads via email, chat, and phone through an Internet sales department. They use their own websites and third party classified sites like edmunds.com as lead sources for sales. We recognized that SMS messaging was becoming as popular as phone and email with buyers who want to reach out and start the sales process. When we did competitor analyses we realized that none of the competitor products focused on following interpersonal norms of text messaging (i.e., textiquette). Our main hurdle for textiquette is dealer CRM applications, because once the text lead is delivered, it falls under traditional CRM workflow which generates an auto response email and auto dial call. We decided that our success would depend on providing salespeople with easy to use tools, so they could quickly reply to leads without leaving our app. We used textiquette as a key performance indicator (KPI) of our product.

During this session I will share how we handled CRM workflow for text leads, helped dealers use SMS as a sales channel, gave potential leads full control of conversations, and, most importantly, how what we learned from Carcode could be used to replace traditional call centers with texting centers, because calling a business will be a thing of the past.

Prabode Weebadde